dynamic views

So, I've enabled this new(ish) dynamic view thingy.
If you go to the pull down menu on the left you can see this blog in all sorts of wonderful ways.
Okay, maybe six wonderful ways.
I first saw this template arrangement here but haven't been able to crack how to get the menu in the toolbar at the top of the page.

May I have some feedback, please?
Personally, I'm bad with change, but, in the past, you have been pretty good about it.
There's always room to customize.


They're all fun, but my ADD brain can't handle that much on a page. Classic is the one for me.
I guess my second favorite is the Flipcard.
Laura Jane said…
yep, me too. I guess you are a frequent blogger, with EXCELLENT pics and sharepics etc, so any of the other views are pretty good.

I like to read the whole posting in a single view (which incidentally i can't get with your blog among a few others -10%ish- via Google reader)I always have to click to see the blogpost itself in a new window, cos frankly I don't like to miss a word.

So, classic is good for me, but its nice to have choice too :)
Anonymous said…
wheres the "Like" button, oh yeah...thats Fb. Nm.
Crazy Mom! said…
Personally, I'm not a fan. But that's just me. I want to be able to read a whole post without having to hit some other links.
alice c said…
Is this the place to confess that I don't like having to make design decisions? Or having too much information to process at once. Classic for me. Also I miss the bird. Where has it gone?