due to the impending storm

The gala must be postponed.

In nicer news, K and I have booked a house -




 for some of this

 or this


 or a little of this


and we could have some cheese, here.

For February. Which cannot come soon enough.


L.P. said…
Stay safe! Sorry about the event.
Jen on the Edge said…
I am so sorry about the gala.
Anonymous said…
I want to go to there. Where is there?
Paola said…
UGH stupid Frankenstorm! How dare you mess with Bb's LONG and carefully detailed masterplans for THE gala!!!

Well, I have to say it seems to have stretched out here too, it was SUMMER 3 days ago and then BOOM ... winter!
Hail, high winds, rain, rough sea ...
Luckily we travelled against it all while going to a trail up north, Sirolo (Marche) where it was nice and sunny! Now we're back and found a different Positano ... but I LOVE winter, so all is good.
Paola said…
... I would be looking forward to that February break too, though ...