3:00 today

Put down your Fall Launch, your charity gala, your contract negotiations, your committee meeting, and bring your weary bodies to Open Design.
It's time for Octoberfest.

Last year, when our senior staff members were at a meeting in Germany in October,  I spontaneously ordered four cases of Sam Adams Octoberfest beer, a boatload of pretzels, cued up some German music on a laptop and called it a party. About 50 of us gathered around the color printers and had a wonderful time. 

This year, I remembered just in time. Today was the perfect day to put aside all manner of office work and gather, again, by the color printers.



The second photo is especially descriptive, isn't it?


alice c said…
Please could you arrange a spontaneous party in our print room. I have in mind some champagne, olives and maybe some Gangnam Style dancing?
Jen on the Edge said…
I would imagine that your colleagues adore you. :-)
Paola said…