why it may be impossible for me to ever appear in a Sartorialist photo, part two of what may/could become a series

Photo by The Sartorialist

Whilst packing and considering outfits to bring to Chicago next week:

Hmmm...I wonder what the weather's like out there. Probably a little cooler than here, so a sweater might be nice...where IS that beigey number I had with the ribbing at the bottom? 
I know, it's a little short and tight on me but I think I've thought of a solution. 
First I'll wash it and hang it to dry...rats, it can't be ironed...no matter, wrinkles speak of a sort of comfort level don't they? 
And, if I cut some slits in the bottom of it it just might fit me better! 
I can wear it with those rayon palazzo pants! 
And, you know, at the last Marc Jacobs show, the models wore their palazzo pants just above their pubic bone. 
I have a pubic bone! 
There's just one problem: I'm not sure my arms are long enough to reach my pockets.


Vintage Reading said…
Heh. Love your style posts.
barbra said…
funny! (that is to say, i'm enjoying these)
Paola said…
Oh please let this be a series, pretty please.
Does that outfit come with a sandwich?
She could poke somebody's eye out with those hipbones.
Anonymous said…
That picture? Kind of disturbs me. But your commentary kills me.