what Middle did at work last weekend*

I couldn't imagine why he was so tired.
Then he explained he had to walk backwards, at ten minute intervals, for hours.

*NOW WITH ACTUAL VIDEO. (Oh, what an ass I am.)


Hilary said…
Why did he have to do that?

And I thought I had it bad at my first job where they made me add up all the numbers on several pages in a phone book to practice using an adding machine...
kmkat said…
I bet he was holding the camera or the microphone or some other piece of equipment on a shoot, equipment that had to be pointed toward the subject.
My hamstrings twitched just thinking about that.
Paola said…
Developing all sorts of skills.
I'm guessing he was the camera man?
Anonymous said…
Love this. And sheesh, it's beautiful there! Wow.

Julie said…
This video is amazing!!! Great job Middle!
The guy in it is awesome too... how he did all these songs.... no idea!

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