the last day of summer

I know yesterday was not technically the last day of summer.
And even though Youngest started school a week ago it still feels like yesterday was The Last Day.
We were back and forth over a trip to the beach but I opted for a house project instead.


Time to paint the bathroom. That would be Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy. I saw it on line somewhere and loved it. Thank heavens for the internet. Before the internet? I tried seven different colors on my living room and four on my dining room. After the internet, I see a photo of a room I like, I google the color name and PRESTO, beautiful bathroom.

I was sorry to see these go -




(little drawings I made where hooks had been) but the trim and door needed doing.
There's nothing like a freshly painted windowsill.

It's looking great!

  paint2 \

And, now, a quiz:


unearthed in the freezer, please weigh in!
What is it?
I'll give you a hint (though I don't know the answer): it was PROBABLY DINNER.


Amy A. said…
Apple Pie filling! (I received the book. Thanks so very much)
blackbird said…
Nope. Undoubtedly savory.
Adventure Otaku said…
That Goulash you didn't really like.

Anonymous said…
Nothing like fresh paint.
kmkat said…
Really weird mac 'n' cheese?
Some kind of pasta with some kind of sauce?

From the paint chip, the color looked more like a royal blue, but much more like navy on the walls. Are you going with a nautical theme?
Scot said…
I'm so glad I'm not the only one that plays that game. Usually the answer turns out to be racoon food, as in its what the racoons will drag out of the trash.
That game is second only to "Damn, when did I last make guacamole?"
Yours looks like celery chowder, if there is such a thing!
Duyvken said…
Oh the bathroom looks lovely. Great colour choice, bb.
kt said…
stuffed zucchini blossoms?

now I miss the drawings, too.
Beard said…
A bag of frozen barf?
Paola said…
You have no idea what's in there, do you.