Are you still watching Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?
If you come over I'll do my impersonation of Mel Brooks telling that joke at the end of the Carl Reiner episode, okay?

I'm still working on that huge project at's been a little rough but has taught me something. I am able to let go of it at home...if I don't look at my email.

Anyway, it's Saturday. I'm going pen shopping with my brother and, as we tend to laugh quite a bit, it may well be a lot like Comedians In Cars Getting Pens.

K is at work, Middle is at Maker Faire (it's like a Renaissance Faire with better hats), Oldest has a tattoo client in the city and Youngest is having a friend over.

It seems to me that I've been posting lots of video and photos of late - I don't see that ending any time soon.


Anonymous said…
the last episode of 'comedians' was thursday. And I am now convinced that Michael Richards is in fact insane.

but I love the VW and want to drive it to patagonia!