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I've listened to this for three days...all the way to work and all the way home.

I watched countless clips of this (so you wouldn't have to) but there's something about this particular version. She seems vulnerable and moved and genuine.
It's touching.
And, in most of the videos, the same pianist accompanies her.
Also touching.


I have cried to it most of the last year. Perfect.
I put it in the CD player in my car and let it loop for about a week or two at a time. I got it last Christmas and I'm not tired of it yet.
Judith said…
Huh. That made me teary.
kmkat said…
I read a piece on that song this summer -- Lifehacker or The Morning News or some such -- that analyzed all the things about it that touch us so deeply. Specific chord progressions, certain vocal flourishes (I refuse to call them tricks) that are certain to elicit an emotional response. Put all those things together and it is a powerful song.

Ah, google to the rescue:
The article was referenced in/on Slate, HuffPo, NPR, The Awl, The Daily Mail, and a bunch of other sites.

All of which is to say I'm heading off to iTunes now to buy it...
Anonymous said…
You can't get sick of a voice so full of so much.