it's Tuesday

A  co-worker pointed out that I sounded a bit down in my previous post so I can't let it sit.

Some things I've been pondering:

I can't tell the difference between this guy

Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 8.00.42 PM

and this guy

 Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 8.01.37 PM

and I think you can see why.

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 wearing that hat?

 The cafe owners downstairs sent me these flowers...


just to cheer me. It was the lovliest thing.

K makes a mean posole.


 Really. You should come by. There's a little bit left in the fridge.

 In my office:


from Scot.
Also the sweetest thing.

 This look is everywhere.


How funny is this?!

I alway forget it's September 11th, until I see the firemen....


 May god bless the firemen.


Commuter of the week? I love it. I can't imagine where that hat would be appropriate.
Happydog said…
Perhaps it was this guy?
Scot said…
A person could maybe wear that hat to a dog's funeral...maybe.
L.P. said…
Wow, what a hat! I have to confess a tiny bit of admiration for having the nerve to just carry that around NYC, much less wear it.
Anonymous said…
thank-you for the joy you spread with your mostly-daily posts.

they brighten my day more than you could possibly realise.

The Coffee Lady said…
I'm with 'Anonymous'. I'm always here, but I keep speeding by without comment.
Scot said…
You do realize that people who don't know about your appreciation for Kalman think you and I are wierdos and that's a tribute to Phyllis Diller, right?
Anonymous said…
That website of children's books IS too funny.
I yearn to wear bold colors on pants like that, but I can't.
It's got to be tough on that day to be a firefighter or police officer.
Paola said…
I had to google posole.
I was denied access to the link.
I have that same colour abat-jour.
Blogger is giving me a very hard time lately ALSO deniying me entry.
I am trying once again ...
Yesterday 9/11/12. I was getting a manicure, chatting with a man getting a pedicure. He said he was a firefighter/EMT and gets pedicures because he once had an injury that crushed his toes. Another customer overheard and paid for the guy's pedicure. He was stunned and touched.

The book website is a riot!