finally Saturday

Oof, what a week!

One important meeting.

One difficult conversation with a famous person.

I seem to have caught a cold, though, and, now I'm tired and my throat is raw.

Our tattoos are at that point (I write this as though I have SO much experience) where they need just a little more time to look less flaky and more healed.
The reaction of people around us: STILL MIXED.
It's interesting to have done this at the beginning of long-sleeve weather as I am able to forget about what would otherwise be a very visible tattoo.
I forget it's there until I have to wash my hands and push up my sleeves.

I have some fun links!

I don't plan on buying any pumps, but, if I were, I'd consider these as I feel the heavier heel balances my proportions well. Too bad I don't like any of the color choices, eh?

I am smitten by these photos! I took photos this September, as I have every September and I love seeing the progression of them.

What do you suppose IS The Best Word Ever?

I bought this garment months ago and I am still working on how to wear it. I'm a little discouraged as I'm usually good at these kinds of things.

Whose birthday is next? K's, and the boys and I are busy brainstorming. They've gotten really good at gift giving and it's nice to have help planning presents.

I love the way this looks and I have a screen door...if you ever catch me stitching my screen door get me some help.

Sometimes men's grooming products intrigue me more than women's.

I'm completely obsessed with scarves and wraps. What's up with that?

Fortunately, the weather has turned and it's my favorite time of year. Time for scarves and wraps.


Wendy said…
You know who'd like to stitch that door for you!

I see an outline of a blackbird, of course.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, I have had a week too. I am at work today, and I have been here since last Sunday. BUSY. Ugh.

Feel better! And hey, as long as YOUR reaction to the anchor is not mixed, that's all there is to it.


Jen on the Edge said…
I love scarves and wraps and can't wait to start wearing them again. Alas, it's not quite yet cool enough, but we're getting closer.
Paola said…
Busy here too!
Anonymous said…
I bet your wrist still surprises you when it catches your new hair color, it probably takes getting used to.
Scarves. I always feel so fussy and bulky wearing them even though I like the look of the on other people.

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