Dateline: Tuvalu

It's Monday, we're waiting for a big rain storm, tomorrow is a big day at work and I'm taking a break from my big office project.

Here's a Great Outfit From Behind!


That would be: black lace shorts, a slouchy tank top and a terrific scarf with Cons. It was Fashion Week last week and there were a couple of shows in my neighborhood. And, even where there weren't shows it seemed like people were "dressing."

This thing is intriguing! I'm a little obsessed with putting things in my ears (I'm ashamed to admit.)

I've bought tickets to Chicago! Did I mention that? The weekend of October 5th will be a nice respite from stresses here and I got really cheap tickets. Did you know that Angie has been in China for three months? True story! If she still had her hysterical and wonderful blog she could tell you all about it. Suffice to say we are all looking forward to seeing her.

This past weekend K and I finally sat down and had Oldest work on us....


He did a great job, especially considering the stress we put on him.


I am marveling now, looking back at it and thinking about how completely anxiety ridden he was while he worked. I was in total denial about his feelings when he whispered, "if I fuck up Dad's I won't be able to live with myself."
I did my best to tell him that we wanted him under any circumstances and I went first so he could work out his nerves a little (and while K worked on the placement of his stencil - did you know that tattoo artists often use stencils?).

It was painful and emotional and wonderful and we're so pleased he did them for us.


The public reaction?
Pleased and proud.


Jen on the Edge said…
I really admire y'all's tattoos -- and that's coming from someone who is not a huge lover of body ink.

I find the different placements on y'all's arms to be interesting -- such a difficult decision to make and a personal one at that.

Am I correct in believing that yours orients one way and his the other way? So, the two anchors would nest if they were next to each other?

I love that Oldest was able to do this for you.

P.S. Your hair looks FABULOUS.
Scot said…
That ad for the ear wax sucker thing is what I consider a are-you-too-stupid to...? ad. It has nothing to do with the actual product, its just a certain class of ad that features a REALLY stupid person. Are you too stupid to... use a q-tip without jamming it into your brain?...use a collander without pouring half your cooked pasta into the sink?...put spice bottles into a cabinet without dropping them all over the counter?...peel a hardboiled egg without destroying the egg?... the list goes on and on. These ads drive me crazy because I know there are people that are really THAT stupid. Its not the products I hate, its the ads.
Plus, I will admit, some of the products look kinda handy.
Sorry about the rant.

Ok, I have a question. Does Oldest wear gloves to keep his people's blood off his hands? I don't think I could deal with having my parent's blood on me.

Jen is right. Your hair looks great!
Paola said…
You went for it! Nice. Hope Oldest is proud now that is done.

Scot, I am with you about the ads.

And yes, I am going to say it too:
your hair looks gorgeous!!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats--and what a sweet way to support your son.
Ah, to see the beautifully dressed in NYC. Here it's all blaze orange or Packer gear.
L.P. said…
Love you hair AND the tattoos.
I can imagine how nervous Oldest must have been.

That's where I want a tattoo, on the inside of my right wrist. Mom wants me to wait until I leave her funeral. I can't believe I'm 55 and worrying about my Mom's hatred of tattoos.
kmkat said…
Indeed, your hair IS gorgeous!

My husband punctured his eardrum with a Q-tip. He was trying to get out the sand in his ear from body surfing in Hawaii, but I'm not going to tell you how the Q-tip got pushed in too far. Not a risque story, just one he doesn't want flying around the innernet.
Anonymous said…
I like Oldest's hair, too!
alice c said…
Matching tattoos after 30 years of marriage - if that isn't the most romantic story I've read then I don't know what is.

Respect to Oldest - everything will seem easy after that gig.

Love your hair. Definitely feeling the silver foxy envy.
Scot - you are bang on the money.

DUDE - tatts. Respek.
And nothing beats the ear orgasm of a cotton-tip in your ear. Nothing.
Anonymous said…
A) I have those shorts, or similar. They are black eyelet and very cute. But they do not leave the house on me....that's for sure.
B) This eargasm thing is something I do not understand. Am I cleaning my ears wrong? If I have been missing out on all sorts of fun all these years, that would SUCK.
C) I like Oldest's hair and your hair too.
D) I think it's awesome that you got the tats. And that your son did them? Even more awesome.

Such fun posts lately!
Ginnie said…
An outward and visible sign of your love and support for your son. Well done. And your hair is beautiful!
Liana said…
How did I miss this? It's so cute! A perfect family outing.

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