and I love that it's Thursday

So many things in this picture please me.
First of all, it's from here, which is just SO DAMN FUNNY EVERY DAY.
Then, I just have to say that little Harper is cutecutecute. And look at that face she's making!
Also, I do love Mrs. Beckham's line. Lovely, all of it.
And I love the way she's looking at the baby.


KPB said…
Your shoe 'thing' always throws me. Orthotic nurses shoes springs to mind.
kkc135 said…
I was thinking Herman Munster.....
That Posh appreciates the sleek lines. Kind of makes me think of Calvin Klein.
Sue said…
Dinner table conversation last night; Daughter 'Why doesn't Victoria Beckham ever EVER smile?'

Why doesn't she? You'd think she'd have quite a lot to smile about wouldn't you?
Paola said…
I ADORE Suri's Burn Book, got hooked ever since you first introduced us to it.

I like those shoes! (sorry Kim)

Sue, I always asked myself the same question, she seems always angry ... probably not posh to smile ...
Anonymous said…
Funny stuff. I love VB's clothes (to look at, of course). I think when I learned that she was coming out with a line, I was skeptical...but everthing is really good.

Can't wait for Allie Hagan's book to come out! And i also love that Posh is looking at Harper and not her own clothing line. Although she is looking pretty stern!

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