why isn't it called Marcel The Shell With One Eye?

So wistful, Marcel.
I love the z's.

I'm off this week and a little wistful myself. No surprise.
It's our anniversary on Wednesday and we're a little strapped (college! laptop!) and, so, trying not to think of going away for a little trip to celebrate. Perhaps in the fall. We'll see. Yesterday we saw Positano wherever we looked. First world problem.

K's been editing a video we shot for my company that is really coming together nicely and, at the same time, proved to me how I could never do his job. TEDIOUS.


It is amazing to me that he can take a hour of video and turn it into four minutes of meaningful and cohesive message.
We'll show it in late October at a benefit dinner honoring my boss. NERVOUS. Nervous, yet confident.

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 Featured at FreePeople.
Am I the only person who thinks it looks exactly like this


but in knitted form?


We are still working out the details on these...but NOT in knitted form! Ha! See what I did there?
I broke the tension by making a joke.


An interesting offer, eh? IN KNITTED FORM!
"Be free to call."

I've let you down. I thought I had all kinds of photos from the gift show and I really don't.
I've got these log-pillows.


And I saw these fabulous stuffies from Jellycat.


This one would be perfect for Middle. If Middle's personality could be transferred to a flamingo stuffed toy, this would be him.
When he was small, he said, with great authority: FLA-MANG-GO.

One last Japan story to melt your (my) heart: at the airport, Youngest's hostess presented him with this beautiful wooden box. Inside it were the chopsticks he used in their home during his visit. Now he will always have them and needs to bring them, when he returns, to use again in their home.



When my daughter and I are trying to decide what we want to do, one of us will usually say "treats and snoozes, snoozes and treats".

Does Oldest give his parents the family freebie deal on tattoos?
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the Marcel video. I'm a fan.
The flamingo's eyebrows are what totally makes it have personality.
Happy anniversary. It's tough to wait for a trip. I'm waiting right now, too, but for those other reasons (young children, no caretaker).
Enjoy your week off.
Paola said…
The chopstick gift box is an amazing, meaningful thing to offer to a guest, and the idea that oen needs tobring it back every time they return is just lovely. Part of the family, is what Youngest is now.

Enjoy your week off, in the end it's not where you are, it's whom you're with.

kmkat said…
I love Marcel. Thanks for giving him (her?) to me.

The custom knitting at "reasonable rates"? No matter how reasonable -- say, $5/hour to the knitter -- the objet d'knit is still gonna end up w-a-y expensive. Knitting is like that. A slow process. I once calculated that if I charged for knitting a pair of socks at my billing rate at work, said pair of socks would cost upwards of $5,000. (Clearly, my employer overcharges for my time, but still...)
jo said…
LOVE the chopsticks. LOVE. IT.
Happydog said…
I love Marcel...especially the voice and the fact he sounds like a very intelligent 4 year old...
Duyvken said…
It's our anniversary today (Tues), 13 years ago we were married. Not doing anything here either although I am going to see if I can line up a sitter for tonight so that G and I can go out to eat in between dropping G at Guides at 7 and picking her up again at 9. Happy anniversary to you two too.
Scot said…
I'm betting the Tzitzis on her scarf aren't there to remind her of the commandments and kindness, like the ones on his!

Those don't look like your every day eatin' chopsticks. What an impressive and lovely gift!
L.P. said…
Happy anniversary! And the Free People scarf comparison really made me LOL (or at least Snort Out Loud).
Sharon said…
And don't forget, This is the correct time to plan for the Winter.

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