some videos while you wait

Never, in a million years, would I post a cat video.
Except for today

K and I are firm believers in The Second Cheapest Wine and we're snobs about it.

It's the perfect combination.


Anonymous said…
If you're going to post a cat video, that was definitely the one to choose. The little stinker.

Second Cheapest Wine: I totally related to this, but then I put ice in my pinot grigio, so I'm definitely the target audience.

So this is what Jerry Seinfeld is up to. I've been wondering!

kmkat said…
Every cat I have ever been owned by has done that little maneuver countless times. Such are the ways of cats. The one in the video looks exactly like Hannibal The Fluffball of Doom.

Personally I favor Three-Buck Chuck, purchased by the case. Nothing but the best!
KPB said…
Did you see the one and only cat video I posted a few months back? The French cat? I shall find it for you.

Second cheapest wine. GOLD.

And I am ADDICTED to that new little project of Jerry's. ZOMG - I think the Alec Baldwin came out today yes? was it the 16th? Or the 20-somethingist? Off to investigate.

(I am much better. ie medicated and sane)
Henri the cat! I've posted it:
Teddy the Asshole looks exactly like my Lily.
At 4:30 this morning she was playing with the window blinds. My husband sat up in bed and said "WHY is that cat such an asshole??"
Paola said…
I had seen that cat ... I adore cats.

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