under the burning sun, I met Suse

We met on the Bow Bridge.


After six years (Six years, she whispered) we fell into each other's arms and had a little cry.
There was nothing else to do but stare at each other. But, no matter how long I stared, she looked just the way I thought she would.
And, then, after hours in the heat, wandering, eating, thinking, talking over each other in the excitement of meeting after all these years, we separated. I looked across the subway tracks at her and could have sworn I was looking in a mirror.
Small, grey haired (with a streak of purple!), wearing a black tunic over a skirt.
She could have been me.
Save for the accent.


Alison and Mary said…
And now you have made me weep - what a special meeting for you both.

Next time I will be with you .

Alison and Mary said…
That's Mary solo by the way (the Alison and Mary is for another blogging project!!).
Duyvken said…
Having just recently met Suse myself I can well imagine how delightful it must have been. It is a beautiful sunny day here too but there isn't much warmth in it.
Ali said…
Funny how in this big Internet world, we come across the most special of friends.
Shedding a little tear and covered in goosebumps. Goddammit.
Laura Jane said…
Ah!! I always thought you two would look alike.

So happy you are together!
Stomper Girl said…
That really is just so, so ace.
Eleanor said…

It's like a Tuvalu version and an Aussie version.

I'm sitting here grinning madly. Perfect meeting place too.
Rae said…
Wow, just wow.
Paola said…
It's a special moment, a unique feeling.
Amy A. said…
What a special treat. :)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful. Wonderful! I love this story--you had me at six years.

Suse said…

PS. I don't have an accent.

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