a request

The scene: bb, having just arrived from the train, is at the dining room table composing a complicated email to her co-workers. Middle is on the couch with his laptop.

Middle: Can I just ask you something?

bb: ...

Middle: Are you very absorbed in what you are doing and have you had more than one but less than three glasses of that white wine?

bb: Why? Are you about to tell me something earth-shattering? Did you get married while I was at work?

Middle: No. I want you to cut my hair.


Kathy said…
Ha! I may or may not have heard that exact same request in more or less those exact words from my boy child fairly recently. And if you substitute "dye" for "cut", that goes for my girl as well.
Scot said…
and did you?
marian said…
I love that kid.
kmkat said…
So. 2 glasses of wine = the perfect hair cut?
alice c said…
Will take wine next time I visit the hairdressers. It *might* help - she is very fierce.
His specifics are charming.
Paola said…
That's what I love about your boys. Nothing is "normal", even asking a simple question becomes a very hip thing.
You live a cool, fresh, interesting, love filled life.
And I love that.
I really do.
Anonymous said…
The bb boys continue to amaze. Even if they don't know it while it's happening.

What Marion said. What GG in Wisconsin said. What Paola said. What jbhat said.

As you were.
Rae said…
He's just kind of awesome.

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