my shoes are number twenty three

These are my Rachel Comey replacement shoes. I pretty much hate them. Uncomfortable and falling apart, they disappoint me more each time I wear them and I miss the ones they replaced. My grudge is so deeply held that I find myself cringing every time I see Rachel Comey shoes, of which there are dozens out there. Taunting me.

And, in other news, I am not finding the spring fashion emails enticing.

Bright is not right, in my book, and I am preparing to see women in horribly clashing colors all over the city.

Skinny skinny ankle jeans?
I hate them.

Don't I sound bitter today?


Amy A. said…
But those shoes are so cute! That pink hurts my eyes, and I wish I could wear those jeans.
Veuve said…
Dang. I'd be bitter too, if I dropped money on Rachel Comey shoes and they were uncomfortable and poor quality. I hope you find fabulous replacements for your replacements, right away!

And I'm not thrilled with this spring's offerings, either. This is actually a good thing. It will do me good to sit out a season or two.
kmkat said…
Given the two photos you posted, I would say you sound sensible and down to earth. Unlike certain fashion designers.
raych said…
I agree with Amy. THOSE SHOES. I covet.
Paola said…
THe shoes don't look comfortable, I can tell from the picture they're not fitting properly and I can see why they would hurt you, they look too tight on your toes and then they're loose before the point they tie. Not right.
Sorry. Nothing worst than ill fitting shoes.
Have no idea who Rachel Comey is so off I go Googling.
The Coffee Lady said…
That necklace isn't a 'new arrival'. I saw it on a blogger about two years back.
Shanna said…
I wish my calves would work with skinny jeans. I just bought the most comfortable pair of black knee high boots but I have no jeans that I can tuck in so I have only been wearing them with skirts. Up until today winter in Wisconsin was cooperating with that plan. You post the cutest stuff and I love your commentary. ;)
blackbird said…
How sweet is Shanna?!
Anonymous said…
Ouchy shoes ruin everything, so no wonder you sound a bit bitter.

dan renzi said…
I perceive "bright is right" to be the answer to "Color blocking is over, but we have all these clothes...can't we recycle them with a few prints?" No. Too much.
Skinny skinny ankle jeans is plain old MEAN to the 99% of us with thighs.
Just sayin'.

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