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Blackbird works, by day, as the executive assistant to an important CEO in the most fabulous city in the world. She lives in a tiny house in Tuvalu with a closet as small as a refrigerator. 
A dorm refrigerator. At night she reads blogs and pins.


I had to attend an after-work event so I dressed up. I wore my grey wool Muji jumper with a black turtleneck from Target - no, wait, it might have been from Old Navy. The trick, with these cheap-o turtlenecks is to either never wash them or never dry them. It's your call. I guess for $9.95 you can't expect them to hold up to washing and drying. I pulled on my tights from Target and, luckily, the hole in the thigh was hidden as the jumper is just long enough. I wore my wedge boots from Aldo which I have permanent blisters from. What?! Totally worth it!


It was actually cold! After weeks of 70 degree weather, I realized I needed to add an undershirt to my Thursday uniform of: charcoal grey skirt, from the AllSaints Archive (reduced to $25.00) black turtleneck from the Gap (four years ago) and that chambray shirt that I bought for Middle a couple of years back that he hates. I think it's a boys size 14 or 16. Since I'm so petite I can buy things in the children's department and only look slightly deranged. Worried that my panty lines might show, I added a vest, from B. Altman (remember them?) that covered my butt. Tights would have made the skirt ride up so I wore high socks under my Calvin Klein boots (thanks for the employee discount, mom!). I meant to add a silk scarf but forgot - it worked out fine as I was too warm in the office anyway.


I really should switch out my handbag. I needed it to double-up as an overnight bag last week and am still carrying my (slightly faded) black-on-black extra-large LLBean Boat and Tote Bag which is handy as I can throw all manner of crappe in it but slightly out of season as it is canvas and we are far beyond Labor Day. Just another reason The Sartorialist won't shoot me, I suppose. My Old Navy Flirt jeans are perfect in any season and look great with my black JCrew tissue turtleneck. Rounding out the outfit, I thank my lucky stars for the Cole-Haan oxfords from the outlet store in Manchester Vermont. It was lovely knowing someone we could beg a condo stay from, even if it was nearly ten years ago. Good shoes are made to last. I finally remembered a scarf today, which was a good thing as there was a spot of toothpaste on my top!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow as there is a beautiful brunch planned in town for my FAOA's birthday. Fortunately, I remembered to not wear my newest black Target turtleneck this week, so I won't have to do laundry at six in the morning. I've got clean tights too and I've put a note on my clock-radio so I'll definitely remember the scarf! And, since we'll be sitting the whole time, I can wear my incredibly uncomfortable-yet-fabulously-trendy Rachel Comey shoes!


My pal at Chanel sent the most gorgeous red nail polish. I'm hoping to get the other nine nails done.

With a nod to the Times, whose What I Wore columns are a highlight of my week.


Wendy said…
The Sartorialist has no idea what he's missing.
Hilary said…
I love this post!!! Although, after reading it, I can't picture your closet the size of a dorm fridge :)

I am glad I am not the only one who feels it is better to look good than to feel good when it comes to shoes.... they just opened a DSW 10 minutes from my house.. I know I will be doing major damage there (on my wallet and feet!)
So true about the indestructibility of good shoes. I have Dankso clogs that are on their 7th year and still look new.
Paola said…
You wear a lot of turtlenecks.
Every now and then I browse through the Sartorialist hoping to see you, all of you, in one of his amazing shots.
Veuve said…
Hahahaha! I knew you'd come through! Thank you for the laugh today, I needed it badly.
alice c said…
Yearning for wedge boots but have vision of myself wearing them that verges on cringeworthy. My sister, on the other hand, would look fab. Sigh.
kmkat said…
I love the honesty of this post -- hole in thigh of tights, spot of toothpaste on shirt. Just like the rest of us, you are human, too :-)
raych said…
Why are there not photos of these outfits? I do not comprehend text when it is sans photo.
Anonymous said…
I read What I Wore too! In my imagination I have her figure.

I loved this too, but have to second that you really do wear a lot of turtlenecks, and add that that you really should be wearing thong undies. They are NOT uncomfortable. Get a pair or two of the nude stretchy kind from Target and try them out. You will be happy, I promise. And you will not have to worry about pantylines.

Thong undies are the devil's work. I can't even see straight wearing them let alone act like an adult and perform appropriate workplace duties. I feel like giggling at everyone 'my undies are up my butt' and walk around with a swagger reserved only for hookers.

As you were.
Also, have NO idea how you wear so many turtlenecks. Are you really Diane Keaton?

they make my neck itch. Literally and figuratively.
All those outfits sound photo-worthy
kkc135 said…
Love turtlenecks!! Have quite a few black ones in my rotation myself......
robiewankenobie said…
i love all your black. i think it is the way the universe counterbalances my outlandish dressing.
RW said…
I share your love of the turtleneck. I freeze in my workplace. I wear a turtleneck and a scarf. I have been known to wear 4 layers of clothing. This severely hampers my attempt at being fashionable. But, I cannot work when I am cold.
Caterina said…
Ha, ha, ha :D these comments made me LAUGH!

Would love to see what you PIN :)

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