things you should consider

1. This handmade dress.

2. This tray.

(I am drawn to rough wood and steel.)

3. This cabinet.

4. This apple peeler.

These delightful objects arrived in my mailbox courtesy of Etsy and, I have to say, I absolutely love seeing the Etsy emails each day.
And, speaking of...I also enjoy the WiNK emails as well as the Refinery29's.

Go forth and enjoy!


Hilary said…
That dress is amazing....
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
I drool over Etsy. It's a dangerous place.
Paola said…
Oh every time I enter ETSY I lose track of time ... it's fairyland!
Lovely dress, not for me.
That tray: Kim could easily kill you with THAT.
The cabinet: sold yesterday!
So ... MUST browse more ...
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm with Paola on the dress.
Anonymous said…
As an obsessive knitter, all I can say about that dress is that it would make a lovely afghan. Not my style AT ALL. It would terrific fun to make, though.
Duyvken said…
I was a winter bride and would have loved that dress! I love losing time looking at etsy too.
Scot said…
OK, I agree that the dress is incredible. Very Southern California-run through fields of flowers-careful with that doobie- 1970's style-goes well with long straight hair and tiny braids. Makes me think of Joni Mitchell. I can't even begin to guess how much time goes into making something that amazing.
My question is, if you sit down in a dress like that won't it leave little knit/knot marks on your ass?
That dress makes my neck itch. Literally. Can you imagine how scratchy it'd get. eugh.

And Paola made me snort. I so could.
That dress is amazing and I am 100% with you on the matter of old wood and metals.