six new truths

1. I have learned that I cannot (always) control how my body reacts/adjusts to situations.

2. For the first time in at least five years, my sleep pattern has changed. I'm not happy about this either.

3. My allergies are much better at the office.

4. And, speaking of allergies, I am now officially allergic to mussels - which doesn't matter as I do not care for them.

5. I do not like Mother's Day.

That last one is unfortunate as my mother (and K's mother) deserve all the praise and love in the world. My mom has never been anything but giving and loving to me and I feel ungrateful not celebrating her today but my heart is not in it. And I don't want to be celebrated either - it just seems silly to me.
I've been a good daughter(and in-law) for a very long time and done my best to fete both of these wonderful women and it's sad, too, because I'm not sure who else in our circle of siblings makes the day lovely for our moms but I've decided not to.  And not doing it because I don't like it may not be a valid excuse, but there you are.  I could go on and on but I'll stop.

6. I love you every day, Mom.


Hilary said…
I so understand your #5. I don’t like holidays like mothers and father’s day, or even Valentine ’s Day. They feel so forced and fake. Why do you need a holiday to tell you to express your love for someone? Shouldn’t you do it every day? Isn’t that more meaningful. And if you no longer have a parent, or just went through a breakup, or are alone, these days just make you feel sad…
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
On #5 - We never celebrated Mother or Father's day growing up as they are made up holidays. I don't care about Mother's day for me. I'll call my mother and will send her something I've made, but that's it. She was, and is, a wonderful parent. You shouldn't have to have a holiday to express love and gratitude.

Flowers however, are always lovely.
Jen on the Edge said…
I don't like Mother's Day either and Pete does not like Father's Day. We make a point to call our respective parents on those days and this year, for the first time ever, I sent my mother flowers, for reasons that are too long to get into here. Otherwise, we don't do anything to mark the so-called occasion.
Yeah yeah, details details, opinions opinions, what I want to know is why your blog only logs a partial feed in my Google Reader now?
Mary said…
As of yesterday we have agreed as a family that Mother's Day is ridiculous and from now on not to be observed ( except on Margot's part as she loves to buy the funny little gifts from the Mother's Day Stall).

A phone call to my own mother will suffice.
Paola said…
I remembered that. To tel lthe truth we don't go crazy with ANY celebration around here, we keep it very simple. A hug and kiss and be together.
We don't make much of it here, either. I make sure the women get cards & flowers but that's about it.
dan the man said…
Gerbera Daisies are the official National Flower of Tuvalu.
Rae said…
I just know (knowing you) that they know how much you love them.

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