new favorite



Paola said…
You are a candy person, I'm realizing.
Susie Sunshine said…
I think you've gone through a Good & Plenty kick before and I hold strong to my belief that those things are NASTY AS HELL.
I'll stick to Dots, but you enjoy!
Suzanne said…
I'm with Susie Sunshine on this one. Candy coated black licorice does not appeal to me in the least. So go ahead and enjoy all you want! I won't be asking you to share.
Anonymous said…

could you please describe the taste?

blackbird said…
Candy coated black licorice!
Anonymous said…
We call these "Goodies" in Canada.
I wonder if they taste the same?

Anonymous said…
"Goodies" are multi-coloured. I thought you should know.

Anonymous said…
Oh for pete's sake

everyone puts shit on we Aussies for liking vegemite!

candy coated licorice is just sooo wrong on so many fronts

I may have to un-friend you on this one.

blackbird said…
I don't think I ever "put shit on the Aussies" for liking vegemite - but feel free! Un-friend away!
Anonymous said…
how about i send you a Voilet Crumble Bar instead?

Scot said…
This is the funniest comment thread I've read anywhere.

Good & Plenty is an American candy thats been around since 1893...and every piece tastes just like it was made in 1893.

Linda, I'm sure you're a nice person - or else you most likely wouldn't be readinbg this blog - no offevce to you but vegemete is THE MOST GASTLY THING I'VE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH
Duyvken said…
I see that national licorice week had an affect on you. Or maybe just the result of some time in Holland? Either way, the box is gorgeous.

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