bon voyage

My office friends were so sweet yesterday. People made me promise to come and say goodbye (I don't say goodbye) or check in with them before I left. My friend A brought me a beautiful cookie another pal was sad to not be there for lunch, it was all very kind.
But I, as you may well imagine, had that anxious day-before-the-big-trip feeling all day and couldn't shake it. My boss has been traveling for weeks (which cuts my daily workload considerably) and I had accomplished everything I needed to to tie up loose ends by about 3:00 and I started to go a little crazy.
My pals at the other end of the building kept me company for a bit, I did my away voicemail and out-of-office note for my email, I briefed my fill-in assistant on the week ahead.
Meanwhile, it's Poetry Month (more on that later) and we are having a haiku contest. (As I am leaving, I have not entered.)
I started to make the rounds to see people before I left.
The Art Director was cute and overworked and demanded I return to the office as soon as possible.
Another friend told me she dreamed I left for six months. (Do I really have such a presence at my office?)
I went to say see you later to my friend C but her door was closed.
D was scooting out the door and stopped for a hug...Don't forget to wear red underwear on the plane! she admonished.
My anxiety ratcheted up a notch. Maybe two.
I don't own any red underwear. I panicked. I am not one to take these things lightly and D has authored a book about luck and superstition. She knows her stuff.
I ran across the street in a frenzy, hit three huge stores and found a pair.
Back at the office, I cleared my desk and made my escape.
Settled on the train, I received emails.

from C:

Conversation: A haiku
Subject: Re: A haiku

I came to see you
Five euro in my pocket
Lost their chance again.

to C:
I came to see you! 
Your door was closed!
Miss you already.  

from C:
A phone interview
ruined our chance at 
Mary Tucker* who?

I've left the office before but never for this long. It's bittersweet and I need the time away - though this isn't meant to be a relaxing trip, it's a touring trip (and more on that later too).
I'd like to close my eyes and be there as it's going to be a very long day/night/day and I have the aforementioned pre-trip anxiety.
Fear not - I've got it covered.


*a pseudonym for the woman filling in for me.


Suzanne said…
Safe travels and HAVE FUN! Those snazzy red undies are sure to protect you. You're going to have a splendid time!
Paola said…
I am sorry but I can't stop laughing @ the red panties!
You'll be in Europe!!! I wish I had some free time to come and hug you and tell you that even here you hav elots of people who love you.
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
Have a lovely time!

As my mother says - HAFP
(Have All Fun Possible)
Hilary said…
have a wonderful trip!
zephyr said…
What a great send off from Tatting Crazy Mom. Have a Great Time!! And please, blog all about it.
Jen on the Edge said…
Travel safely and have a wonderful time!
Anonymous said…
Safe and happy travels, bb!

Anonymous said…
I didn't know it was good luck to wear itchy, uncomfortable lace drawers on a plane. Can you just tuck them in your jacket pocket for the same effect?

"See you later!" That's good. And of COURSE you are having an impact on those you work with. How could you not be??

Anonymous said…
I had no idea it was good luck to wear itchy, uncomfortable lacy harlot drawers on a plane. Can you just tuck them in your jacket pocket for the same effect? (also weird)

"See you later!" That's good. And of COURSE you are having an impact on those you work with. How could you not be??

Not at all surprised to hear how you'll be missed. Bon voyage--and I'd carry those red panties, they look kind of scratchy to wear.
Bon Voyage, sweet bird!
Terese said…
Swift you fly through air
To the flat land over
Sea. Blackbird, brood, K.

Bon Voyage.
I never ever took you as the sexy undie kinda gal. Weird. Now I have to rethink our entire relationship.
RW said…
enjoy your time.
I look forward to seeing everything through your eyes.
Paula said…
An exciting voyage AND new panties!

Hope you're all enjoying your trip!

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