usual exchanges

Youngest (after cleaning his room): Seriously? I found so many pens under my bed. But what's with all the dust under there? It's ridiculous. I mean why under the bed?

K (from another room): dust is afraid of the light.

Meanwhile, in the living room...

bb:  dad and I watched Salt last night. That movie was written for a man and Tom Cruise was going to do it and then backed out, so they re-wrote it for a woman.

Middle: ...

bb: yeah, so lots of jumping from one moving truck to the top of another moving truck...

Middle: off an overpass. Yeah. Seen that done.

bb: I read that Angelina Jolie did her own stunts.

Middle (not looking up from his cereal) yeah, cause  Angelina Jolie actually jumped, or like a stunt person even jumped. I can put YOU in a harness in front of a green screen ya know.

bb: ...

Oldest? He's been texting. He wants a loris.


Crazy Mom Tats! said…
OMG - I love the loris! Cute beyond words.

Off to show it to the Stooges.
You know, that loris gets wet and we're all screwed.
Scot said…
"dust is afraid of the light"
I replaced a 12 year old tv that I hadn't 12 years. Dust bunnies my ass, those were DUST DRAGONS! Luckly, were afraid of the light!
Paola said…
I know people names Loris so for a moment I thought ...
Then, THAT appeared.
Salt was quite overrated, if you ask me.
Love the loris. It looks like a pretty low-maintenance pet.

My weekend exchanges were
SG: We went to at Mardi Gras at Universal.
CCK: Can I borrow money for 2 new tires?

Your exchanges were better.
Never heard of a loris, but I immediately thought of Dr. Seuss. But that was a Lorax.
Did you tell them that dust is really just dead skin under the bed?
raych said…
I have always wanted a loris. In Thailand I got to HOLD a loris, and gaze into its moon-eyes. They apparently have poison sacs on their elbows, though, that they lick before biting things, which is why I can't have one. Alas.
Cat said…
What does a Loris eat? Are they legal? Is he gonna get one?!

There is a book sitting on my desk (at work) with the title SALT. I haven't read it, but I'm guessing no relation to the movie because my book is about economics (bluh!).
Wendy said…
G is obsessed with golden lion tamarins. I'd like to make that loris a little outfit.
Anonymous said…
After seeing that video I wanted a loris, too. Until I read the comment about the poison sacs in their elbows. Ewww.

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