seen and heard

Not seen: Survivor.
Yeah. Sorry about that but Wednesdays are complicated in Tuvalu.
W visits between guitar lessons, Oldest heads out to his friend's house, the tutor arrives, I get home, K is home and cooks dinner. It's a little crazy and last night I never sat down to watch.

Seen: As I was getting up to leave the train last night I noticed a fellow in a New Zealand All Blacks cap. It was a great looking little hat and I tried to catch his eye so I could tell him so but it was not to be. You remember the All Blacks, don't you?

I may need to invent my own Haka.

Seen: whilst shopping for some sweatpants for Youngest, my eyes did spy a wonderful ruffled skirt in Old Navy. (No picture.) It was jersey knit and black (kell supreeze) and fell to my knees. And I nearly fell to my knees when I spied the price. $32.50. As any experienced ON shopper can tell you the thirty dollar range is reserved for coats and dresses and boots, not skirts. But I was feeling, momentarily, flush, having had a small financial windfall, and brought the skirt with my other purchases to the register. The kind lady behind the counter rang my things up and folded them and put them in a bag, but, when she got to the skirt she stopped.
This is a nice new skirt. We got it in today!
I smiled and looked askance as I was feeling a little guilty about the price-tag.
Thirty two fifty? This skirt is...wait...really?
I know,  I said cautiously,  it's a lot for Old Navy.
A lot? It's crazy...this skirt...her voice trailed off as she shook her head.
I know! It should be $24.50. Or even on sale for $19.90! I offered.
She just looked at me. She blinked.
I don't want it, I said, did you already ring it up? Take it off.
She said nothing but shook her head yes and finished my sale.
Fifty two fifty. That's what this should cost, she said and folded the skirt and set it aside, packing two pair of sweatpants and three tee shirts.
I handed her my credit card and smiled. We both knew what we were doing and it was a satisfying purchase. Sweatpants and shorts for Youngest and three tees for me.

Heard: I've just fetched Middle from the train. He spent the day shooting in the rain at a race track.
You know how you record the sound of a race car? You take a wireless lav pack, you put it in the trunk, you hang the microphone out the trunk, you take your sock off, put the mic in the sock, tape it to the bumper above the exhaust. Driver says, do you want some rev limiter noises? I say sure. Donuts and burnouts ensue around the hairpin. Driver says: how's that? I say great. I got great b-roll of his hands on the steering wheel.

Felt: Middle tells me that he used good judgement when he declined to stand in the middle of the track to get a shot as the cars sped toward him. I am relieved.


Paola said…
Kell supreeze.

Anonymous said…
Read: such a wonderful post.

But I am confused about the skirt. Did she meet you out back in the alley and slip it into your bag?

Anonymous said…
My word verification is "hating." Which is how I feel about Old Navy trying to become like it's sister store The Gap--or worse--Banana Republic!
Glad Middle is a smart cookie that way. Not terribly surprised though.
Anonymous said…
The scuttlebutt around the office is that prices are going up because cotton is more expensive. But you didn't hear it from me!