great strides

It may not seem like much to you but I successfully placed three conference calls today.
Without a waver, with steady hands, without cutting anyone off, I connected people in three cities, on two continents, three times.
I reminded people about meetings without nagging, I remembered to pass some documents along before they were needed and I (for the first time ever) told someone that I wasn't going to do something because it wasn't my responsibility (she was half lazy and half ill informed).
This is not to say I don't still make mistakes.
It's just that I was feeling awfully good, today, after I conferenced in the third person for the third time.


Anonymous said…
A day that includes a victory over technology AND saying a perfectly justified "no" is a day to savor, indeed.
Kathy said…
Once upon a time I was a receptionist, and I STILL have phone anxiety left over from that. SO GO YOU, with the conference calls!
Paola said…
Then WE should totally try this out, practice, if you will.
Wouldn't it be awesome? You can pick wherever in the world amongst your commenters.
unmitigated me said…
Can I work for your boss, please? I have been in my position for about nine months, and whenever I make a mistake, you'd think the world was coming to an end. Last time, she told me I was making the department look bad.
Days of competence feel so darn good, don't they?
Anonymous said…
Good for you!! This pleases me.

kt said…
Caterina said…
You go! I mess up conference calls often, and the callers are in the same city!!! So good for you!

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