blackbird's two minute movie reviews

What could be better after a day of shopping, laundry and a delicious pork roast (with fennel and carrots) than a shoot-em-up?
Do people still call them that?
I don't know, there was a lot of shooting.
K got us Salt from the library and he brought me a bowl of gelato and we settled in to watch some shooting.
Let me tell you, if it's the firing of ammunition you want to see, this movie will not disappoint.
Angelina Jolie shoots all kinds of guns and other stuff too.


Plus she wears dozens of wigs and hats.


She makes some of her own weapons using Ikea furniture and cleaning supplies and a fire extinguisher - and that's just in the first 20 minutes.


Hat the first. She pairs it with an adorable camel coat and leaps onto the roofs of moving semis.

She steals hats too...and uses them to cover wigs.

on the #6

She rides on the #6 and shoots up the church where my cousin got married. (Imagine that extra up there: don't look at Angelina Jolie, don't look at Angelina Jolie, don't look at...)

We wondered for most of the movie. Is she a secret agent or a double agent?


How many times did she get punched in the face? I think ten.

I give it a three!
Yeah. I don't know what the movie rating scale is...the gelato? A four. (It comes in an ingenious container!)


Paola said…
That K! He got the sea SALT gelato especially for that movie.
It sounds really delicious though ...
Anonymous said…
The gelato was MUCH better than the movie (even with all the shooting.)

Scot said…
"Hat the first"
You go to the Yoda School of Movie Review, did you? LOL!
Miz S said…
I woulda thought that movie was a little violent for you.
Anonymous said…
i handled the violence - it was the lips that freaked me out.

wasted time, did i, watching it

blackbird said…
True enough.
The lips figured prominently.
Anonymous said…
I confess, I was a bit disappointed in her "disguises." D didn't like it because (his words) "women can't be action heroes." Naturally, this made me LIKE it more than I did at first, out of sheer defiance.
Anonymous said…
I'm much more interested in seeing the ingenious container than the movie!