shoes and skirts

This is the time of year when I start thinking about spring clothes.
I get tired of wearing my big puffy coat and boots every day and I start thinking about skirts and sandals.
Why skirts and sandals? I don't know, I suppose its the farthest thing from my present uniform of undershirts and turtlenecks and leggings and sweaters.


I love this skirt, and remind me to wear my bra strap like that, will you?


Doc Martens!
Oh, I'm looking forward to no socks too.



I'm going with a friend to (the) Talbots.
I want to see this skirt IRL.


It looks a little long though. I've been wearing a couple of skirts (from Old Navy) that are a little short.

the talbots

And my ballet flats have fallen apart. Did I tell you that last summer? I've worn out a lot of things going to work every day; shoes, watch straps, handbags, headphones. I had meant to post about it but there's the list, so.


I know! A gold cap toe! But I like them!


I don't like to wear sandals to the office. I don't like to see people's toes in the office. I like these anyway.


These are nice too.

Spring. I'm thinking it's right around the corner.
Have I mentioned that I'm only bringing one pair of jeans, two pairs of shoes and one skirt to Holland?
I'll tell you about it later.


alice c said…
I am thinking that you coud insert a couple of zips in the top pic and then you could have short-short or just-over-the-knee or long. Three skirts for the price of one!
Susie Sunshine said…
Looking forward to your report, as I've been eyeing that Talbot's skirt online.
Kathy said…
Yes, please do tell us about it later, because right now it sounds like you're going topless in Holland. Which might be perfectly acceptable there, for all I know.
Paola said…
Topless Bb! With gold cap ballets!
Weird - going to Talbots today to look at it, too, as I heard fabric was very stiff and overstitching is yellow (?). But I have 3 other ones in similar style I am looking at, also. And - I just bookmarked a bunch of oxfords. But it seems that every large-footed female (8.5 - 9) got there before me for the brown 2-tone spectators.
Jen on the Edge said…
I've seen the Talbots skirt in real life and it's cute, but I'll confess that I was looking at it with my size 4 petite pre-teen in mind and so looked at it through those eyes. (She'd probably wear it with a bright t-shirt and cardigan. And possibly a ponytail.)

I'll be very interested in your packing list for Holland since I'm making similar lists for our upcoming trip.
Scot said…
Uhm...aren't some of those shoes MEN'S SHOES?

Topless for the whole family might be an easier way to get through airports but I don't know if I'd recomend it!
Anonymous said…
It's time for a change of wardrobe and climate.