recent obsessions

Dear god, I fear some of these are rather geriatric...ah, well.


The weather.
Your weather (typhoons! cyclones! 1/4 inch of snow paralyzing Carol's city!) my weather (ice falling from the sky, presently) the whole global weather situation. I sit at my desk clicking over to whichever "special weather statement" is blasted at us on any particular day. I've got to give it up. It is going to snow. I like snow!


Suede boots with slouchy ankles. No new boots for me this year/season, but next time around I'd like some tall boots (don't have a pair) that are either slouchy or riding - opposites, I know, but I'm admiring both kinds.

old timey

I'm loving old-timey graphics. I blame the popularity of American workwear.


And, speaking of old-timey, I am completely smitten by bare-bulbed light fixtures. We desperately need something over our dining room table and I have not found IT. (Though I can hear my mother: early depression decor!)


I am still not well (many weeks) and have seen a specialist who gave me , among other things, probiotics. I am very pleased that he included them as, in the past, doctors have not been on board with this kind of systemic thinking. And the blister packs for these capsules as well as the prescription drug he gave me have the days of the week written on them. This pleases me as I often forget if I've taken my medicines (especially if there are four).
So, there you are. I am officially old.

And my final object of desire on this icy Saturday morning: bamboo.

K bought me this for Christmas


and it is soft and delicious. I nearly wore it to bed the other night.
I would love a set of sheets but haven't found any I like.
Meanwhile, I am on the hunt for these


which are not easily available here.
My pal CK at work eats with these


and I love the way they look and feel.

* This just in...look what K brought home from shopping this morning!



Paola said…
Four different medications daily????
That IS a lot.
Snow and more snow only replaced every now and then with ice-rain.
Scary, as much as I love snow.
Those wood toothbrushes ... weird.
sara said…
I've been on a probiotic for a year. I've avoided saying much about it publicly as I'm sure I will jinx myself, but I am certain that this winter I am so much healthier and resilient than I usually am during flu and cold season. I don't think I could make it through another winter without my probiotic and my Neti pot. There. I've out-geriatricked you. :)
Scot said…
"officially old" damn, what's that like? :o)
Let me know how the Probiotics work. I might try them, you know, just for shits and grins.
Hey, have you ever looked at (of all places) for sheets? I have found their flannel sheets are pretty nice and inexpensive. Every now and then I find some good quality flannel sheets for around $50 there. I love plaid sheets. As I told you before, Colorado state law requires us to buy a certain amount of plaid flannel every year. 5 shirts for men, 8 for lesbians. I think the sheets satisfy those requirements.

True story: I sent a set of flannels to my buddy Erik for christmas. He had never owned a set and didn't realize SOME sheets are made of flannel. He finally told me that he'd been making up his bed with BOTH his regular and the flannel sheets. AT THE SAME TIME! He put his regular sheets between the flannel sheets. Big dope!
Its snowing here today. Yay! We've been below zero for most of the week so 30 degrees feels like a heat wave. Kinda sad really.
When are you going to Chicago? The American Academy of Forensic Sciences are having their annual meeting there during the last week of February. That's the HUGE awards order that's been totally filling my work hours for the last month. They sound like a fun crowd - NOT!

Yes, I know, I'm very chatty today...

Hi Paola, How you doing?
Unknown said…
Try Colonial Drug for your toothbrushes. They carry the best stuff outside Harrods.
Anonymous said…
Such restraint. I would have gone for the flatware.


Crayon said…
Garnet Hill Signature Scalloped Percale sheets. The only sheets I'll buy (as if you know me and care). I see on the website that they were featured in Oprah's magazine, but don't hold that against them. A really wonderful, basic sheet that gets better with washing and age.
Suse said…
You can order the toothbrushes from here:

They ship within Australia for free but rest of the world for a price. I love them. And you just dispose of them in your compost bin/worm farm.