long weekend

Housework and laundry and a date with Youngest, who had a photography assignment requiring "architecture."
We had promised him noodles too...

and that's how I found myself with a pack of tall skinny guys with cameras. On the train. In the snow.
It was, in fact, a really crappy day in town. Cold and damp and windy. For some reason I completely underdressed. I looked good though.

We wandered downtown past this great art installation - I need to research it. It's lightbulbs.

Good place to use the loo downtown? Restoration Hardware, where I wanted K to see some washed Belgian linen bedsheets. Funny thing! K pointed out that we are going to be in Belgium in a couple of months and suggested we might want to look at sheets there.

After more slogging around in the snow (Hunter boots = freezing feet) we were told it would be between an hour and a half and two hours for a table at the noodle bar we had hoped to eat at so we ducked into a building to make a warm and informed decision about where to eat.
Iphones out, Urban Spoon consulted, we chose another noodle joint.
We were not disappointed.

At a tiny hole in the wall with seats for no more than 15 people we took stools at the bar.

Udon warmed us.
It was a great meal.
We headed home to sit by a fire and watch a movie (Tell No One).

We're expecting more snow overnight but I've got hyacinth next to the bed and it smells like spring in our room.



Scot said…
Your hyacinth picture is really nice.
Is that a chocolate bar next to it?
Chocolate in bed? How decadent!
Wendy said…
I need a full report if you purchase linen sheets. One of our spring/summer sets will probably not make it another year.

LOVE those lightbulbs.
Anonymous said…
I planted hyacinth bulbs with such hope--several years in a row--and they've NEVER bloomed.
I wish I lived in a place where such a thing as art installations existed.
Anonymous said…
Do those light bulbs light? That would be gorgeous. Not that the installation isn't quite nice already.
Paola said…
And that is why I am in complete, utterly unashamed, mad, total LOVE with NY.
KPB said…
One day, Paola and I shall descend on the Blackbird residence and such wanderings will take place. With noodles!

(I had udon noodles today too and a new little Japanese joint that has opened in our suburb. A joyous thing in and of itself made even more so by the fact it is GOOD Japanese - Grovey decided he loved the soup more than the udon. A perfectly symbiotic relationship)

An art installation like that would last three seconds in Sydney until some drunk bogan stumbled through it. Tsk.