Do you have any idea how many pictures of shoes I have on my flickr? No. Neither do I as I didn't see an easy way to count them.
But here! You can watch a slide show of them! Not that I imagine you will.

I read, this morning about proxys (proxies? proxy services, yes, that's it) who will, for a fee, purchase goods for you in other countries and ship them. I'm not sure I can afford things from Japan, for example, and, elsewhere I have Paola, Eurolush, Kim, Alice, oh, and for a few more days my dear friend W (don't make me link, please - we all know these ladies).
You remember my dear friend W, don't you? He gave up everything in Tuvalu for a woman he'd fallen for in Paris (cue dreamy music and then make that record-scratching noise as you tear the needle across the vinyl). Yes, well. It didn't go well and he's living in an unoccupied flat with no heat in snowy, cold, dreadful Paris and we are very much looking forward to having him at our Saturday dinner table SOON.

I think I am done Christmas shopping. Wait, I'm wrong. Does Oldest reallyreallyreally want a Star Wars replica blaster or a new snowboarding jacket? He's torn. I'm leaning toward outerwear. So! Done!

Oh! I nearly forgot. Alice, that little minx, introduced me to Pinterest and I have been sucked in! I don't even know how many Pinterest pinners there are but I do know that I had to wait a week to receive an invitation and as soon as I started pinning (which is a wonderful thing to do as every pretty thing you SEE can be put in ONE PLACE) people started repinning my things and I'm sure it's all supposed to be a grand social media whirl but I haven't read about it...weeeeeeeeeeeee! Anywho, it's a lovely place to waste an hour looking at lovely things. Am I running out of adjectives?

Food shopping and the Apple store. I'll have an iPhone for Christmas, please.


Hilary said…
I actually started to watch your shoe slide show.. But, then stopped because it made me want to go shoe shopping.. And since I recently went shoe shopping crazy, I didn’t think it was a safe slide show to watch. I may or may not be heading over to zappos next ;)
Jan said…
I, too, have been enticed by Pinterest! Such a great concept. But I must put it off for a few weeks...don't need another distraction!
Darn you for sending me to another amazing link of fantastic things. Did you see all the OWLS on Pinterest? Owls in latte foam, owls on mittens...
Paola said…
Not only did I go through all your shoes, I remember a LOT of them from your posts and saw the sandal maker down the beach.
I was down there 15 minutes ago! For a poetry reading, children and adults.
Such is life.

I thought about that proxy services ... too expensive ...
You know my beautiful friends who used to live around the corner and about two streets away from you in Tuvalu but then moved to Australia but then had to leave and return to tuvalu and now live near you but not that near? I asked them to forward post my Warby Parker glasses to me. That was more than 2 months ago. Next time...

And of course I watched the slideshow. It was like a trip down memory lane and very reassuring your penchant for orthotic shoes has only been a recent development.

And I'm not addicted to Pinterest and waiting for my invitation! Can I search for your boards?
eurolush said…
No need for a proxy service...




PS-Argh. Poor W in Paris...I'm sending warm thoughts his way right this instant.
Unknown said…
I was looking forward to some shoes, glorious shoes, but alas, when I clicked on the link, Flickr said "Oh no, we couldn't find anything!" and refused to show me your slide show. Mon dieu! Quelle dommage! No shoes for me!
The Coffee Lady said…
I seriously cannot COPE with any more sites where I can save stuff. My whole life is scattered across a web of websites, and half of it is irrevocably lost.
Anonymous said…
Intriguing stuff. "Snowy, cold, dreadful Paris" makes me smile because that is not how I imagine it to be. But if your heart is broken, I imagine it would be awful there.

Maybe get Oldest the outerwear and the cute little Star Wars cookie cutters or pancake molds that Williams Sonomoa is selling.


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