it was 20 years ago today

Twenty years ago, I had a check-up and then went out to dinner with my beloved K and his employers, two sisters who produced Japanese commercials. It had been a long but successful shoot (for what? I don't remember) and I was expecting a baby on December 21st.
We met at a beautiful restaurant, one of K's favorites, now gone, and had a sumptuous meal.
I was a little uncomfortable but not in any pain. I had some wine! K had lots of wine.
It was delicious. It was an enchanted evening.
We went home and went to bed and my water broke.
I had a hard time waking K. I called my brother B, he commandeered a taxi, he came and babysat Oldest, we went to the hospital.
It wasn't an especially difficult labor (time heals all memories), I had a teeny baby (two pounds smaller than Oldest), we rejoiced and named him. Then we changed our minds and named him again.
We marveled at how beautiful he was. We were awed at how silent he was (he still is).
He was and is a wondrous complement to our family.
He is driven and talented and lovely.
He is 20 today, our Middle, and we couldn't be more proud.


KPB said…
HE'S TWENTY???? 20???? How the hell did that happen? I'm sure he was only just 18 a day or so ago.

Well how marvellous. And a Sagittarian at that. No wonder he's a legend. Although the quiet thing is weird.

Happy Birthday Middle!
Duyvken said…
G turned 10 this year and double digits nearly blew her mind. I can't imagine how excited double decade must be. I am sure, in his own quiet way, Middle pretty thrilled to have dropped the -teen.
Happy birthday Middle and well done mum and dad!!
Jen said…
Happy birthday Middle!
Paola said…
How did I miss this??!!!
Proof that I am getting old.
Silent one, must be a Sagittarius THING as Fabio is very silent.

20 uh?

Buon Compleanno Middle
Anonymous said…
I hope he has the happiest of days and that you take some time to be proud of yourself for bringing him into the world.
Eleanor said…
Happy birthday Middle, from your Aussie admirers xxxx
ccr in MA said…
Happy birthday, Middle!
Jen on the Edge said…
Happy birthday to Middle. Happy day to you all!
Anonymous said…
What was the first name? I didn't know that !

Badger said…
Oh! Happy, happy birthday to Middle! I hope he has a fabulous day! And holy cow, didn't OLDEST just turn 20 not too long ago? How did this happen?!
NorahS said…
Sweet story. Happy Birthday, Middle! My daugher is 20 as well.
RW said…
Your middle is 20.
That is sheer crazy talk.
I hope you all have a grand day.
Truly Grand.
robiewankenobie said…
robiewankenobie said…
(p.s. that was a very quiet wooohoooo! befitting middle's temperament. wouldn't want to unsettle him on his natal day.)
Anonymous said…
MANY happy returns of the day! It doesn't surprise me at all to learn you had a sumptuous meal before he arrived.
Crazy Mom! said…
Happy Birthday to Middle!

I hope he has a fabulous year.

How is Youngest doing? And you?
Hilary said…
Happy birthday middle! I love this story!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday to Middle! Congratulations on another successful trip around the sun! Well done! Looking forward to hearing about the next fabulous 20 years, and beyond!
eurolush said…
Happy Birthday to your Middle. He sounds like a great guy.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Middle! (I think you are my favorite because you seem an awfully lot like my #2 son.)
alice c said…
Have a great year, Middle.

Looking forward to hearing more news of your film career and wishing you a lucky break or three.
Anonymous said…
Makes me a little misty somehow. Happy birthday to Middle, and congratulations to you and K.

Karen Dietrich said…
My newest niece was just born at 4am today! I now see she's in good company. 12/7 is a special day indeed. Best to Middle and bravo to bb and K for raising such a good human being!
Scot said…
i'M SURE THAT EVERY MOTHER REMEMBERS (SHIT!) the day her children are born but honestly, I don't remember what I was doing 20 years ago. Which is wierd because I DO remember my 20th birthday, waaaaay more than 20 years ago.

Happy birthday Middle Man.
Learn to dance this year, women in their 20s expect that.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely story to mark this special day. Wishing your young man a very Happy Birthday.

Now Middle, please tell us. Do you dance?

Happy Birthday to Middle from Florida!
Fannie said…
A very Happy(belated)Birthday to Middle!
The Coffee Lady said…
Happy birthday, middle!

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