style notes

Whilst watching Mr. Depp this evening I have made several style notes:


1. Wear a head rag with confidence. Consider adding some beads.

2. Even pirates realize that over-the-knee boots are best folded down.

3. Try wearing your pashmina around your waist. Jaunty!

4. Brown and grey are lovely together.

5. Black eye pencil works on everyone.


Mr Depp could park his boots under my bed any old time.

Even if he has to push Mr Downey Jnr out of the way.
kmkat said…
I guess Pirate Depp never heard that thing about removing one accessory before going out the door.
Anonymous said…
Personnaly prefer him in Chocolat. Especially when he says he can fix the squeak in the door. Yes please!

Naturally Carol said…
Love it Blackbird! Swords are a great accessory too.
The Coffee Lady said…
I think what makes this outfit is the sleeves.
NorahS said…
Jaunty, indeed! And kmkat has me laughing out loud right here in the office!
Paola said…
I'm sorry.
The whole picture evokes dirt to me.
And not in THAT sense.
Just plain old DIRT.
Go on, kill me.
Suzanne said…
Brown and grey *are* lovely together. It's one of my favorite color combinations; I wear it frequently with a patterned scarf to tie the look together. I apparently have the fashion sense of a pirate.
Terese said…
Yes, but how did he go from looking so gorgeous in Pirates to completely unrecognisable in The Tourist with Ms Angelina? I liked him best in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.
Scot said…
That look only works if youre a muppet or if it's Halloween - OR BOTH MAYBE.
I'm with Paola, he looks like the homeless guy that hang out at the park in good weather.
I wasn't even going to comment but my password was -horni- and, well, you women seem kinda...
He's a worthy style model!
Jennifer said…
This is looking good, I apparently have the fashion sense of a pirate. Thanks
driftwood said…
I am slightly embarrassed to admit that dressing up as Captain Jack for halloween was probably a better look for me than my normal attire. do you think I could get away with it on the school run....?
silverpebble said…
Oh my sainted eyes.

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