always bringing the funny, and rearranging things - I'm good at rearranging things

garlic and...

I cleaned up the cabinets. There were lots of expired crackers. For example.

ice cream mach

I was tired of looking at the ice cream machine.

dead bodies

Youngest got in on the act.

lack of bookcase

It's not world peace or anything, but I de-bookcased one end of our room.

bookcase too

And bookcased up the other end.


I spy, with my little eye...a wooden cow that was Oldest's when he was a Play-Doh set from BlogHer, my favorite monkey, Middle's musical penguin, all my jewelry.
Hey! C'mon over and rob us!


That's OX. Relaxing on our bed. (The special edition all-black OX.)(From Ebay in the UK.)

Y room

Youngest's room continues to be a Fortress Of Solitude. Which is good because Youngest is a deep thinker. Oldest's room is gorgeous too, of late, but I am not responsible for its wonderfulness so I don't have any photos.

<span class=

Isn't it nice to see Totoro in the corner?

Look at this great tableau I've put together downstairs -

<span class=

it combines the beauty of the modern world with antiques. And Crappe.

<span class=

This shot captures, perfectly, my stunning arrangement of "silk" flowers from Middle's shoot, the weekend paper, my wonderful napkins from Eurolushieface, and WINE.

As for me,

socks and sandals

I'm wearing sandals WITH SOCKS.


Anthro continues





Crazy Mom! said…
Love Youngest's comment. Is there a place to find the poisons too? Severed heads?

I wonder about the clothes after the Anthro models wear them on the horses. Horses are stinky. I used to ride a lot - I know. I don't wear good clothes for riding horses.
barbra said…
My son has a teal OX.
Anonymous said…
the mirror opposite the door is bad feng shui.

Scot said…
Guess what!?! After back-tracking a bit through your rescent posts, grabbing the horse pictures, and looking VERY closely at them.....I think that's the same hores AND I believe it's dead! DEAD I TELL YOU!Same horse, same pose.
I heard the Roy Rogers museum sold off all of their stuff because nobody wanted to see it anymore. Now we know who bought Trigger!
Scot said…
Oh and because I'n nosey (you knew that, right?) what the hell came in that big tin on the bottom shelf. The one nect to the electrical outlet.
Scot stole my comment. I also want to know what's in the big tin in the bottom right of the bookshelf.

The very first thing I noticed was the big bag'oh'play'doh.

My OCD self wants to know what kind of apples are on the table. Right now we have Sweet Tango. So crispy and tart-sweet.
Ali said…
So relieved she caught up with her horse... I was wondering how that was going.
Paola said…
Isn't it nice to re-arrange every now and then.
The Coffee Lady said…
I hope those shallots get their act together and line up sharpish.
Hilary said…
I love the labels… It makes me feel at home. My husband had to label our light switches, because I can never remember which one works what. I have only been in the house nine years.
Anonymous said…
Things are different around here. There are many serifs now. Hmm.

I like the way you stacked the books.

eurolush said…
I'm liking the tableau with the napkins, coffee sack, newspaper, silk flowers, rocks,

I'll drink to that.

Ps-Eurolushieface? Is that what you call people practically-related-to-other-people-actually-related-to-you?

Well, alright. Okay then.