selected photos, BlogHer 10


Oh so many cameramen. Why? Live feed for the giant screens?

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Poppy: First, whoopie pies were the new s'mores are the new whoopie pies.


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Filed under Other Room Swag: a set of teeny speakers for my teeny iPod.


In which Poppy and I escape the hotel for some very fine sushi. (Tofu starter.)


Poppy saves the unagi for last.


This is the kind of thing that makes me very uncomfortable. Also, Martha, "other wise" should be one word.

she matches

Martha spells "buxom" the French way.


I don't remember why I took this photo. It seemed fairly significant at the time, and, no, I wasn't THAT drunk.

clinically proven

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ccr in MA said…
I didn't even finish reading Martha's sign before I was saying, "Otherwise is one word!" and then I laughed when you said it too. Nit-pickers of the world, unite.
KPB said…
So it's true then, BlogHer really is just a lesbian convention?

(and I'm really loving Poppy's top that she wore to the Martha do)

Also - I would have given ANYTHING to have seen how you dodged every camera and every microphone at that event.

WV is labst which is seems appropriate with the essential oils and all...
Anonymous said…
In short then, Martha is spying electronically on women having fun? I just don't understand...perhaps she's trying to "read" her target audience better...
Fascinating swag.
Paola said…
And you did enter even after reading you would have been taped//videotaped/photographed???
You look TAN, at least from your foot
Anonymous said…
I do that shoe picture taking with my girlfriends too.

Anonymous said…
Great swag!
Scot said…
OK, you know how nosey I am, so I gotta ask. Why do you have a picture of a finger on your ipod?

The fact that they got "otherwise" right the first time makes it all the more interesting.
Did you get to meet Martha?

On a side note: that was supposed to be a paperweight but I transposed a couple of numbers and accidently ordered acryllic instead of glass. Huh, what? You'll inderstand.

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