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StLmom said…
Hahahaha . . . I will sleep better tonight knowing that. I can't even imagine what possessed you to climb in there. I know without even checking that I do NOT fit in the dryer.
Scot said…
Wow. That was quick. I woud have thought you would have had a few more years before dementia set in. :o)
Crazy Mom! said…
And - why?

My sister used to hide in the dryer in games of hide and seek back in the 60's...
Is your family doing another one of those "things to do this summer" lists?

#16 See if Mom fits in the dryer.
#17 See if Middle fits in the dryer.
#18 See if Youngest fits in the kitchen sink.
Anonymous said…
That's a hell of a place to spend your birthday. Were you naughty, or just drunk? (wink)

Paola said…
Oh honey ... I could have bet on that.
Happy BELATED (blame OZ for THAT!) birthday birdie.
Amy A. said…
Yes, but how in the world did you get OUT?
You know that I love you, right?
Oh. Wow. I'd have been scared to try that.
Ali said…
But could you get back out without assistance? And did you summon the photographer before or after your entry? So many questions....
Mary said…
I'd be lucky to get a leg in the dryer -not that I would try such a thing.

But I love that you would!
Quirky Jessi said…
Shame on you. Now I really, really want to take the wet clothes out of the dryer and see if I can fit. :( :( :P

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