Senior Prank Day

Good afternoon, this is Mr. M., the 10th grade assistant principal with an important announcement regarding end of the year security procedures. Please be advised that on Wednesday and Thursday all students entering the building will have their backpacks or bags checked by school personnel as they enter the building. In addition, the only entrance available will be the main entrance to the school. All other doors will be locked.

Also, please be aware that from Friday and through the end of testing, students will be prohibited from bringing backpacks and bags into the building. Any bags will be held at the front desk for safe keeping.

Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring an orderly end of the school year and a safe and secure testing environment.

Oh, the emails I receive....

A year ago, when Middle was a senior, he called me at the office on Senior Prank Day. We had a previous arrangement wherein if Middle felt that things were "out of hand" at school he would hop a fence and walk home. He had not yet hopped the fence when he called and said: mom, I think I'm standing next to a pipe bomb. I maintained an amazing level of calmness as he further described the pipe as smoking and I shouted for him to run. The assistant principal arrived just after he dashed down the hall to discover that the pipe contained fireworks. The school was evacuated, more fireworks were set off near the parking lot and Middle walked home.
Of course, this was nothing compared to the now infamous stunt that the seniors in Oldest's class pulled. Apparently, a flock of chickens was set loose in the school causing pandemonium. This story has been embellished over the years and now includes a cow being trapped on the second floor...what? MOM, cows CANNOT GO DOWN STAIRS.
Youngest was unfazed yesterday as his backpack was "just looked at."
The day was prank free and K and I took him for his shots in the afternoon.
And, speaking of his shots, he reports that he is breathing as he has never breathed before. He only had pneumonia once this winter and only took steroids for a week. This is miraculous and I would be happy to speak to anyone with asthma considering this form of treatment - though it is not without it's risks (which I will not dwell on. I WILL NOT.)

In other news: did I tell you that I have a friend at a very posh designer house? I do. Her boss has business with my boss and WE reap the benefits. I send things to her from my company and she sends me cosmetics I could NEVER afford. I tell you, no matter what I send her, I have the better part of the deal. Now that I think on it, I really should take her to lunch.

Rainy and cold here in Tuvalu, but, hey, it's Thursday.


Badger said…
Gah! Was in the middle of typing a long comment when my computer spontaneously decided to reboot itself. But basically it said: yay Youngest! Only a lot more verbose, with multiple exclamation points.

Anonymous said…
Friends in posh places are good to have.
Senior pranks. I blame John Hughes for the entire thing.
Paola said…
I am SO happy for Youngest.
Good for you on having such friends. I bet you don't know that Totti (a VERY famous soccer player here) and wife named their second child (a baby girl) Chanel.
Anonymous said…
I don't know what's more exciting news--that Youngest is breathing freely or that you have a friend at a posh designer house who gives you fancy makeup. Am I that shallow? All right then...hooray Youngest! What a relief that must be. (I'm knocking wood, though.)

wendy said…
Senior Pranks are always such fun (spoken as only a HS Teacher can do)! LOL! Honestly, I was a bit disappointed in the Sr. Prank last year and I guess I missed it this year too. Must not have been big!

Glad Youngest is doing well.
KPB said…
well, that Youngest is breathing better than he ever has before is just about the best news a parent could ever receive and well, wow. Just, wow.

But the school prank day stuff? Makes me all nervy and anxious and hot. I would simply not go to school on that day, such would be my anxiety of something happening to me. Even now, the mere risk of being called up from an audience is enough to make me not attend the event.
Anonymous said…
So great to hear that about Youngest! And Chanel! Oh la la!