a mystery

I was workingworkingworking away...my boss doesn't want to take the train at seven in the morning - he wants the six a.m. train. I re-work the ticket/itinerary, make the arrangements and suddenly an IM pops up from K.
You have a package.
A package?
I do?
I have no recollection of ordering anything.
It's not unusual for the boys to order something.
They toss cash at me and ask me to put an item on my credit card.
But I haven't done this for a while.
Where from, I ask.
All Saints And Spitalfields says he.
My mind goes blank.


I know this name, but I have not ordered anything.
I have discussed this place with Alice and Loretta, in emails.
I have admired countless items from their site.
But who...


who might send a gift?

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A generous gift.

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And, while both Loretta and Alice are very dear,

I do not imagine either of them finding themselves so compelled. (Not that I would NOT feel compelled if I were to come across some windfall. I'd order all manner of lovely things for lovely people. Just sayin.)
But, truly.
Who would be so compelled?
And who would know my taste well enough to make such a gift?
And how would you spend it?

I have my suspicions.


unmitigated me said…
I could see you in this:

Anonymous said…
I think I'd need a week of browsing through all that delicous stuff. What a lovely mystery! Have fun, bb.

Will we get to see the gift?
They have some jewelry on their site that I really liked.
RW said…
Paola said…
An unespected surprise.
alice c said…
I WISH it had been me. But it wasn't I am afraid.

If I had the run of the shop I would go for the Postal Bag. I also feel strangely drawn to the gilet.
Amy A. said…
The mystery giver probably doesn't want to be discovered, so don't try too hard! Part of the fun of giving that kind of gift is NOT getting found out. :)

I think I'll go send someone a mystery gift!
Anonymous said…
Ok, ok, fine. It was me.
Delightful mystery! Like Alice, I wish I could take credit for it, but alas, someone else is much more generous and brilliant!
robiewankenobie said…
subtle bb. very subtle.
Anonymous said…
How fun! I love surprises!
Caterina said…
Hmmm....how exciting!