the Survivor Finale

How many of these have I sat through?
Duncan Hines makes and excellent cake mix.
Can I possibly understand a season of episodes by viewing the opening minutes of this episode?
That Pavarti is quite the operator.
But Sandra's got a lot going on too.
Rupert is gone!
Alliances are shattered!
Sandra plays the last idol and only 5 players remain: Colby, the last hero, Pavarti, a cunning strategist, Sandra, who like Pavarti has won before, Jerri, a smart player, and Russell, who is just plain evil!
20 seasons! That's how many I've sat through.

It's night 36 and Russell says that Sandra pulled a terrible play using the idol. Sandra holds her ground and I love that she's not afraid of him.
Russell accuses Pavarti of lying to him and being sneaky - he tells everyone in camp that she can't be trusted.
Colby and Jerri think they have to get rid of Jerri.

In the morning mail arrives announcing a challenge. A dish smashing challenge.
Am I the only person in the world who thinks no jury will ever vote for Russell to win?
Tell me what you think.

Immunity is up for grabs.
The players must balance dishes on a pole.
At nine dishes high both Sandra and Jerri are wobbly. Sandra drops out.
At thirteen dishes stacked Jerri struggles and is out.
Russell's dishes fall at sixteen.
Pavarti and Colby are the last standing.
It gets windy.
Colby is wavering but Pavarti seems so composed.
Seventeen dishes are stacked and this contest is vital.
Colby's plates fall and Pavarti wins.

At camp Colby levels with the team and asks that they enjoy day 37 and acts as though he suspects that he's going home. It was his "surrender speech."
But he tells us, choking up, when the time was right - he made one more attempt.
He asks Russell what he's going to do and Russell tells him.
Colby says they should get rid of Sandra tonight and then work together to get rid of Pavarti tomorrow.
Russell thinks again about who to vote out. Should it be Sandra?
It will be interesting....

Tribal is all the usual chat about who's vulnerable and who should go and hundreds of facial expressions from the Jury.
It Is Time To Vote.
I've just figured it out - two paragraphs one will vote Russell out now because he'll never win in the Jury vote.
It's Colby vs. Sandra and Colby goes.
Jeff tells them to sleep well and sends the final four back to camp.

At camp Pavarti says she didn't realize she was such a huge the morning Jerri and Russell plan and plot on how to beat Pavarti. She comes to camp with mail: IT'S TIME FOR THE CEREMONIAL WALK OF FALLEN COMRADES.
And so, dear friends, this is where my mom makes her exit - and where I move upstairs.
(I know you care where I watch Survivor.)

Comfortably upstairs:

Ooooh, the very last challenge!
It's a giant maze, the players are blindfolded and must read clues using their fingers, find necklaces and make it through the maze.
Russell, Pavarti and Jerri get their first necklaces while Sandra struggles.
Russell moves ahead with Pavarti and Jerri close behind.
Jerri moves into the lead with Pavarti.
Russell and Pavarti have all their necklaces and tangle to get to the finish.
It is SO close but Russell wins it!

Russell is guaranteed a spot in the finals. Who will be sent home?
Jerri says that Pavarti will go.
Russell tells Sandra she's sitting pretty.
He says he's keeping her so he can win a million dollars - he thinks the jury won't give her a million again.
Pavarti decides to make her case with Russell.

They go to Tribal.
Who should Russell take? Each woman states her case.
Who goes with Russell? Pavarti and Sandra...Jerri joins the Jury.

At camp, Sandra turns in early. There isn't a lot of talking.
On the morning of the last day Pavarti, Sandra and Russell pick up the fancy final morning breakfast.
Russell is very proud of himself for making it to the finals again.
He's very confident.
But Pavarti tells him she wouldn't vote for him and as soon as he walks away the ladies laugh about.
Sandra burns his hat!
He looks around for it while she tells us how much she can't stand him. She talks about how hard she worked.
(FYI, we don't like it when the tribes burn the camp at the end of each season.)

At Tribal Jeff invites each player to make a plea to the Jury.
Sandra explains that she played alone and well.
Russell defends his actions and apologizes.
Pavarti talks about how she used Russell to move forward.

You know how this goes - each jury member gets to grill the players and get them to explain why they should win. The best part of this segment is seeing how people look all cleaned up.
They all talk a mean game and it, sometimes, gets a little complicated to follow.

Looking at it, here, in the end, one can see how Russell played the best game - even if we don't like him. The speeches from the jury get more and more intense until, finally, it's time to vote.
(Hey, I think I've been spelling Parvati's name wrong this whole time!)
Cut to live in New York for the reading of the votes...
everyone is clean and shiny.
Jeff says that this has been the best season ever and reminds us that there is no show like this - and he's right.
But who will win?
We don't think Russell will get any votes. He will be sosoSO angry.
He's not getting any votes - it's tied between Parvati and Sandra...
Sandra wins!
We feel good about that.


Paola said…
Good bye Survivor!
Priscilla said…
Yay Sandra!!!

How did they not get rid of Bad Russel a long time ago?

I really liked this one but I'm ready for some new players. Where next!