notes from home

The scene: Middle returns from work.

bb: Have you eaten? Dad's cooking.

Middle: I had a really great sandwich kind of late, so I don't know.

bb: Oh, yeah? I love sandwiches!

Middle: Yeah, it was The Bravo. Roast beef, onions, cheese. It was really good.

bb: Good name.

Middle: Yeah. My boss had The Godfather III. He said it wasn't as good as the previous Godfathers but it had all the elements....

Added note: I've been calling Middle Jonesy for quite a while now but, of late, he's insisting on being referred to as Maverick.


KPB said…
but if he's Maverick, who's Ice?
Anonymous said…
That's Mr. Iceman to you.

blackbird said…
So, I guess that means Uncle B is Ice(man)?
Anonymous said…
Now I can't help but visualize the beach volleyball scene. Thanks!

Unknown said…
There are days when my 16-year-old will only respond to "Napster."
Yes, make him watch Top Gun and that'll cure his need to be referred to as Maverick.
Paola said…
The Bravo sounds deelish.
robiewankenobie said…

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