hey, it's Thursday

So, mom brought over some beef stew - we have a family joke about the best food being reserved "for the bereaved" and mom fed us well.
We watched a little Entertainment Tonight (fabulous trash!) (Mary Hart makes me a little crazy!) and settled in for Survivor.
Survivor is wrapping up this weekend but it's also Youngest's birthday so I'm not sure what we are doing for the finale. (Family meeting required.)
It's only been 24 hours and I am sure I hear the dog snoring, I look for her in the kitchen (she loved to lick the floor) and have checked a few times to make sure she has water in her bowl. I suppose these things will take time and thank you all for your kind comments. I passed them to Oldest who is doing well. As he is a passionate guy he pretty much burned through his grief quickly and is managing nicely.

Now, on Survivor, I'm pleased to know that Rupert is still in the game. Colby is there too. Sandra has an Immunity Idol? Russell may have been voted out but threw Danielle under the bus.
Six are left and Russell has no alliances?

Jerri and Pavarti talk about how ruthless Russell is. Pavarti doesn't trust him anymore. She wants Colby and Rupert out before she deals with Russell.
Russell doesn't trust Pavarti either.

There's product placement allowing the tribe to watch videos of family members before their next challenge.
And that challenge? Opens with them seeing their family members.
Of course, it's Rupert's reunion with his wife that chokes me up. He's such a good guy.
The team must scoop water from the ocean and fill a bucket...how is this hard, I find myself wondering.
OOOOOOhhhhhhhh! The water must be THROWN from one teammate to another.
Now THAT is hard.
Colby has a terribly hard time.
Jerri and her sister win!
Jerri chooses Pavarti to go with her and asks Jeff if she can take someone else.
Jeff says yes and Pavarti chooses Sandra.
Russell looks pissed and the three girls go off to reward.

Okay, so I missed much of the reward as the power on my laptop went and I had to find the cord. But I did manage to see the part wherein Jerri talked about how Russell must be angry with her.

At the camp, Russell talks about what a bad decision Jerri made by taking the girls to reward. He gripes to Rupert and Colby. Rupert wonders if going to the final three with Rupert isn't such a bad idea. Rupert lobbies for getting Pavarti out next.

The women return at night. Jerri wants to speak with Russell but he and Colby are sleeping. Rupert is up, sawing firewood and disturbing his tribemates. Jerri finds this incredibly inconsiderate and SHE WANTS HIM GONE.
She and Russell get up and go off to talk privately.
Jerri tries to make amends with him and Rupert believes her.

Time for a challenge. Contestants must stand with their arms outstretched, holding up two poles on the backs of their hands.
Colby is out in the first 15 seconds.
Sandra is next in under a minute.
Russell is next.
Jerri fails.
Pavarti and Rupert are the last people standing after 17 minutes.
Both of them struggle.
It's painful to watch.
Rupert fails and Pavarti wins.
"Pavarti saved herself 100%" says Rupert.

It's day 36 and Russell tells us that he has a very easy decision to make.
Sandra wants Russell out - she tells this to Rupert.
Rupert tells Russell.
Sandra tells Pavarti.
Rupert wants to fool Russell into thinking he and Colby are with him.
Russell confronts Sandra who tells him she's against him.
Sandra calls Rupert out on telling Russell.
Suddenly, the girls aren't so afraid of Russell.
Jerri is confused. "The camp has turned into Crazy Town."
Russell decides that Sandra has to go. But he's not sure.
Sandra is confident that she's not going home!

Time for Tribal Council.
Sandra and Russell explain what's been going on at camp.
You know, all the chat before the vote bores me. BORES ME.
It's the last time an Immunity Idol can be played.
Sandra and Rupert vote for each other.
We don't get to see how anyone else votes.
Who's going?
Sandra plays the Idol.
Rupert, Sandra (doesn't count), Rupert, Sandra(doesn't count), RUPERT.

Once again, Rupert loses.

See you for the Finale.

And thanks. Thanks for being very kind friends to all of us.


Jennifer said…
I knew I could count on you! My satellite went out right at tribal council. So I couldn't find out who was voted off. Global didn't have it, and neither did the other tv stations online ( that I could find)

thanks bb. You're the best!
Anonymous said…
I missed the whole episode. The hours these math tutors keep, I tell ya! Thank you for the recap, bb.

I "felt" my cat around for many many days after she died. I'm glad Oldest is doing well.

Paola said…
Yeeeeah, it's Thursday. Oh wait, it's Friday!
And soon you'll be celebrating Youngest.
I'm right behind him.
Time to be happy and joyful.
Anonymous said…
You didn't mention that Colby was a BIG JERK to his brother during that challenge. His brother who flew all the way there to support him. Nor did you mention that Colby looked like a dead person during the tribal council. Just sitting and staring. So weird! Why isn't HE gone, I wonder. If he wins the thing, I will eat my hat.

Glad to hear Oldest is okay.