not so lazy Sunday

I don't know if you know this about K but he cannot sit still.
While there are many possible diagnoses regarding this condition it doesn't much matter - he CANNOT SIT STILL.
So, Sundays (or, even weekends) are very busy at my house.
I used to feel obligated to keep up with him and would end up exhausting myself but I don't bother anymore.
On Saturday we shopped and he cooked (and helped out by vacuuming as I didn't feel well) and then had friends in to dinner.
On Sunday he:

Drove Middle to the train station and had his hair cut at the barber (who ended up buzzing it the same way I would have, so $15 misspent!).


De-greased the range hood! (THE job I hate most in the WORLD - it is the equivalent of changing the cat litter IMO.)

grain alcohol

Retrieved the grain alcohol...


Dealt with the lemons -


and bottled up some Limoncello.
(Which will NEVER be the same as Paola's dad's Limoncello, but we'll try.)

He baked huge batch of chocolate chip cookies. He makes INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookies.

I asked him to do a little dance.


That's him - "dancing."

Fortnately, I agreed to watch the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie with him and he sat down at about 4:00.
But he still went on to cook dinner (two kinds of pasta) and haul laundry for me before finally settling down.


RW said…
what a fellow he is!
isn't it fantastic that you have reached the point where he can be busy but you don't have to be.
Crazy Mom! said…
Hmm... Hmmm...

DH does a lot, but I may have to trade him for your K, if you can spare him....
Paola said…
Well, it's not my dad ... it's those lemons that are SLIGHTLY different, ahem.
Boy, K and Fabio are twins! They dance exactly the same (plus they both can't sit still as you have seen for yourself).
Mary said…
Then K Fabio and J are triplets - and once i learnt the same secret - that is that it is pointless trying to keep up - my days became a little more serene..
Anonymous said…
What a guy! Anyone who does that much in a day should sleep REALLY well each night.
ree said…
Can he come carry my laundry up the three flights of stairs?

Badger said…
Ah, Everclear. We killed many a brain cell together back in high school, you and I.
Anonymous said…
That's one peeve of mine about D. He sits very still very well for a very long time.
eurolush said…
Girlfriend. You got you a good man. Go on whitcha bad self.
irene said…
gotta spend some time in your house with Y.