girls in glasses

girls in glasses

I'm seeing my glasses all over the place...

girls in glasses, Scarlett

maybe not my actual glasses, from Positano and Marni - but the same kind of eyeglasses.

girls in glasses

Just a few short months ago it was unusual to see girls in glasses like mine...

girls in glasses

I'll bet, in another few months, they will be common.

girls in glasses/w my haircut

And THAT is my haircut!

Pictures from here, and here, and GOODNESSIDON'TKNOWWHEREELSE.


Eleanor said…
The girl who sits next to me in my Film School class has those glasses too.
Crazy Mom! said…
Curly took a pair of 3-d glasses from seeing Avitar and popped the lenses out. They look just like these - and he wears them as a fashion statement all the time.
Paola said…
I see them all over here as well. But they're not from Marni OR Positano!
It's because you are a trendsetter. I've noticed more people in generally just WEARING glasses lately.
Anonymous said…
So I stole something from you a while ago. You had a post where you were showing some glasses and you said "I want to look like someone's ARCHITECT." I love that. Shortly afterwards, my boss got some great black glasses, very nerdy-cool ones, and I told her she looked like someone's architect. It made her DAY. Because even if she hadn't realized it, that was the effect she was going for. So thank you.

RW said…
Yessiree. I have seen your glasses all around the town!
You are a trendsetter.
Lover Lady said…
I wants me a pair, too!
Rae said…
Someone's architect, or maybe somebody's Indian grandmother? I don't know any girls who wear them, but some Indian grannies and one very cute Irish boy who dances with his elbows way up in the air.
Hello! Just stopping by to say thanks for the shout out! :)

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