watching The Usual Suspects

That's what I call the huge copier/printer just outside my office. Kayser Soze. It's evil. EVIL, I TELL YOU. Just when you think you can make a 40 or 50 or 300 page copy for your boss, this copier will decide to cross you.

Such a good movie.


Badger said…
One of my VERY FAVORITE movies of all time! In fact, I think that might be the first movie I ever bought on DVD (you know, when we switched from VHS)(back when the world was flat).
Whoa! That was intense. Don't ever tick off that copy machine!

When I worked at PBarn we wrapped fragile items in Giami paper. I called the machine Jason Giami.
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, that is the BEST name for EVIL. And now I need to watch this again.
Anonymous said…
AAAH, Verbal Kint! I love that movie. Kevin Spacey was perfect in that role. They all were, even that Baldwin brother.

We have to get all Office Space on our printer at work from time to time. At least, we want to.

Anonymous said…
If you're talking repeated paper jams, and only on occasion, when it jams next, try this:

Clear jam, take the whole stack of paper out, and flip it upside down, and backwards.

Copy paper is manufactured on a huuuuuge roll and then cut, and even though it looks flat, there's actually a slight imperceptable-to-the-human-eye curve to it. Some machines hate the curve, because they've been told to expect flat.

Then kick the damn thing. It deserves it for crossing you.
Unknown said…
I flipped past this movie last night, too! I watched a few minutes before moving on to whatever I had recorded on the DVR, since, like Badger, Usual Suspects is one of the first movies I bought on DVD when making the switch.

I can think of a few key appliances and people who shall henceforth be referred to as Keyser Soze, if only in my own little addled brain. Thanks for the idea.
KPB said…
I adore that you've named a photocopier Keyser Soze. Everywhere I've worked there's been a Keyser Soze copier - always tricking you into thinking it will do what you want, only to turn on you in the heat of the crisis or on the precipice of a deadline.