a real post is coming soon, I promise

In the meantime, I want to announce that my friend Crazy Mom and I will be playing Show And Tell on Friday.
The topic is: our refrigerators.
If you'd like to join us, take a photo of the inside of your fridge and post it.
Then tell Crazy Mom about it and she'll link to it. Then, go see everyone's fridge.
I did it in 2004 and I'll do it again this week.
Is the state of my refrigerator any better five years down the road?
Time will TELL. Hopefully, this year's photo won't spark an international controversy (which I can no longer explain as I deleted it from the comments but involved how massively wealthy I am in food and how I'd better be good to those starving...or some such).


Someone criticized the amount of food in your fridge?
Holy Cow! This person obviously never had to feed 3 growing boys.
Badger said…
Cheese Drawer-gate! I remember it well!
Anonymous said…
If my fridge weren't crying these days (YES it's winter in southern Italy and not even food is available if you don't travel to buy it) I woudl so participate to this. It's so empty and sad it's pathetic.
The Coffee Lady said…
My poxy little British fridge would look pitiful next to your US Fridgeramas

I'm always stunned at the size of them and the amount of stuff you need to be COLD NOW ALL AT ONCE
Caterina said…
My fridge is sad and pathetic too. But I will play along :)
Anonymous said…
Ugh, now I'm reminded to feel guilty about the bacon I let go bad in the bottom drawer. I'll shake it off in time to enjoy the show and tell.

Scot said…
Back in 2004 your fridge was so neat and tidy. Mine would probably scare the hell out of you!
Also, I noticed that back in 2004 you had a bottle of Cholula in the door. That round wooden top is so easy to spot. Still have some?
I did this last week and have been dying to share it with someone.

Take a raw, boneless, skinless chicken breast, slice it up in 1/4 inch diagonal slices, soak them in a whole bunch of Cholula and about 1 tsp. of ground cumin (less if its freshly ground) and 1 tbs. of good olive oil. DO NOT ADD SALT. Stir frequently. After about 2 hours, fry them in butter or margarine. Add some sauteed bell peppers and onions and pile on good bread w/ pepperjack cheese.
HEAVEN ON A BUN!!! and yes, you gotta name it after me.
islaygirl said…
omg, i remember that show and tell! i played! i can't believe it was 5 years ago!
RW said…
I remember it too.
How exciting.
Anonymous said…
I'd have an unfair advantage thanks to a cole slaw spill on the top shelf last weekend. But I will drop by to see everyone else's.
KPB said…
I remember cheesegate which made me realise something. Can you believe we've *known* each other for six years