An Olympic Moment

The scene: K, bb and Oldest are watching the snowboarding qualifying runs.

bb: how old is that guy? 12?

K: twenty one.

bb: (at Oldest) hey, feel kinda old? I mean, when the Olympic Athletes are younger than you...

Oldest: yeah, yeah...

Later, while awed by the speed skating:

bb: no one races like Apolo Ohno.

Oldest: that's cause he races like it's a chess game.

bb: you're right...


RW said…
your shaun white is pretty darn amazing.
That does give one pause. All this greatness and they are CHILDREN.
Anonymous said…
Shani Davis (aka "Frozone") also has the amazing strength and grace that Ohno has.

On a side note, my husband kept commenting on Lindsey Vonn's amazing lashes post-race. I later found out she'd touched up her makeup pre-interview. (not bedgrudging her, but we were wondering: aren't there ANY skiers/snowboarders with bad teeth?!)
Anonymous said…
Races like it's a chess game. That is an interesting insight.

If you all haven't seen a movie called Fresh (from the early 90s), you ought to. Chess is the story's central metaphor as the young protagonist "plays" his opponents, and learns that a few pawns may need to be knocked off in order to "save the queen" (his troubled, older sister). It's a pretty amazing tale; plus Samuel L. Jackson is in it, who plays the estranged dad, or "black king."

Caterina said…
Regarding GG in Wisconsin's comment, YES, amazing kids!

I'm enjoying the Olympics, but even better is coming on here to read bb's Olympic moments. FUNNY :D

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