for my pal JBhat

Here in Tuvalu we like to speculate about JBhat. Is her name JB Hat? Jay Bhat? JBH At? It doesn't matter, she's a dedicated, non-blogging follower and always asks interesting questions.
Today she asked:
Okay, what is up with Oldest and the firefighters? And at least the Rider of Shame wasn't putting on her MAKEUP. Also, please expand more on the blogging at work thing when you can. Thanks!


So, I thought, whilst K whips up some pasta with chicken and tomatoes, that I'd answer her. Here! Live!

1. Oldest and the firefighters.
The other night, when our alarm went off, Oldest and the team of firefighters realized they all know each other. They're about the same age, the bunch of them, so Oldest undoubtedly went to school with them. They had a nice little reunion in the living room at twothirtyo'clock, but he wasn't home last night and I speculated that he might have joined them somewhere for a beer. Of course, I am totally "talking out my ass" as I have no idea where he was last evening. And, for the record, Middle said he knew all the firefighters too - proof that at least two of my boys are well connected socially!

2. The Rider of Shame could not have put on her makeup during our trip as she was STANDING. Oh, what a ride that was.

3. I've started a blog (on a closed intranet system) at work! I thought I'd have about five or six people sign up to write with me but ended up with 15! And everyone is very enthusiastic! And J.D. Salinger died and people were lined UP to write a post. But, I have new respect for my BloghHer boss, Susan Wagner, as it is not easy to coordinate all these writers! Props to Susan! Who I am not linking to tonight! Because I AM LAZY AND TIRED.

Here's one JB didn't ask for.
I was looking at my paycheck stub the other night - and I hadn't looked at my paycheck stub for a really long time because I have direct deposit and K handles our money (or else I would have a very bad headache) and I noticed something odd. I don't have health insurance through my job - we took the insurance through K's job as his rates were better - AND YET, a sizable deduction has been taken from my check for a very long time!
I asked HR about it today and it turns out that they owe me lots of money!
Such a thing.


RW said…
oh man.
when I first when back to work I assumed my pay was being direct deposited but never really checked... after 3 pay periods - it occurred to me that something was not right... my paycheque had been deposited to someone else's account and she spent it all... now I check every two weeks... without fail. I got my money but it was uber lame for her...
* said…
How exciting about the money!

This year, I received a letter from Revenue Canada (our IRS) stating, very officially, that they found an error on my return last year (thank you, dear tax retarded husband) and they were refunding me $530! PLUS INTEREST! Not wanting to entirely give up their well deserved reputation of being asshats on a national level, they then added that I was expected to claim the interest on line 54-938 of THIS years I said. Asshats.

soft rock mama said…
Fantastic!! You being owed money, and all.
"Such a thing", indeed.

Question-do the 15 or so folks on your intranet blog know of Tuvalu and bb?
Just wondering.
Mary said…
Oh I do like that such a thing!
blackbird said…
SRM - the bloggers at work do know about me and made me sound totally legit, ya know.
Anonymous said…
Now that's "such a thing"!
Anonymous said…
Oh my--money to come! And in time for your trip to Anthropologie. That is a blessing.
Amy A. said…
Oooh, please take us on a shopping trip with your refund! :) I love the posts where you window shop, but I love it even more when you show off your purchases.

I shop vicariously.
Anonymous said…
Mm, I have a weakness for firefighters, especially attractive ones. And hooray, a windfall! Good for you. I could use one of those.

Okay--about jbhat. The J is for my first name...which I won't say here, since we are, of course, dealing with bb from tuvalu who crops all her photos. I too want to be somewhat mysterious on the internets. And the Bhat, well, it's my surname (shoot, not very mysterious of me after all). It's an East Indian surname, as I decided to take my own tall, gorgeous husband's last name after about 3 years of being married to him. I resisted at first, embracing my inner staunch feminisit, but then I decided why not.

Bhat is pronounced like Bot, basically, with a little bit of aspiration. So "jbhat" is said like "Jay Bot." Please don't call refer to me as J Bee-hat. It's jbhat. But I'm totally flattered that it got Tuvalu all a-twitter.


alice c said…
I have a serious Issue here. For years I have been reading and admiring the incisive comments of J. Bee-Hat and now I must learn to love J. Bot. I need Re-orientation Therapy.
Anonymous said…
I <3 Mrs. Bhat.

I KNOW you'll reserve at least some of your unexpected windfall for fun which you'll then share with us.

Thank you, in advance.