where I've been, where I am, where I want to be today

Lifted from Poppy.

1. Workworkwork. Each night after work this week and sometimes during work this week I rushed somewhere else: home to three different doctors for Youngest, the supermarket, K's office.

2. The supermarket for Dinner For The Australians. (Fried chicken, hot wings, smashed potatoes, cole slaw, molten chocolate cakes.)

3. Breakfast with my IRL girlfriends. I haven't seen them since my pal K's mom died and I am in need of an IRL girlfriend catch-up. And an omelette.

4. Dinner with The Australians! (But first I'd like to make the house pretty.)


Anonymous said…


because I know EXACTLY the way you guys cook.

SIGH for me and YAY for the Aussies!

The Coffee Lady said…
that sounds delicious.
eurolush said…
Looking forward to hearing about dinner with the Aussies.

Also...wishing I had that meal for dinner tonight.

Have fun!
Poppy B. said…
After dinner I think you should take the Australians for a tour of the local supermarket. It would be unfair to send them back to Oz thinking the rest of us eat that well.
kt said…
Lo, even on nights when I am tired and should be steered from the computer and towards bed, yours is one of two blogs which I must read.

Keep up the good (and terribly interesting!) work (and commentary).
Anonymous said…
Today I caught up with a girlfriend I hadn't spoken to in 30 years!

Dinner sounds divine.