Rupert's Drop

Middle's friend W came home from his amazing art school for Christmas and brought Middle a present.

W made it in glass-blowing class (I KNOW) and it's called a Prince Rupert's Drop.
Middle tried to describe it to me, unsuccessfully, and set up to explode it. (W exploded his in his kitchen which resulted in a very large, dangerous mess.)
As you'll see, Middle attempted to break the drop with a hammer at the heavy end before it occurred to him to put something hard under it AND aim for the fragile looking fine-as-a-hair end. (I later read that it is UNBREAKABLE at the heavy end.)

A spectacular explosion! In slow motion! Carefully contained in a cardboard box!


It WAS spectacular. We just watched it 3 times.

My WV is hyperlob! As in, Middle gave that hammer a hyperlob and shattered that PRD!
tut-tut said…
Whoa! what more could an arty child ask for?!
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
Wow! The Stooges will love this!
Tuli said…
Freaking amazing!!!!

Who knew?

(My wv is unwins - as in the PRD Explosion was NOT an unwin(s).) heh.
The Coffee Lady said…
Ow! I think a shard of it went in my eye.

I shall sue.
eurolush said…
I liked it much better before it exploded.
I never seen nor heard of such a thing. Quite spectacular!
Ali said…
Your boys show us the coolest stuff. Who knew? Fascinating.
Anonymous said…
I've go tsomethign to learn each and every day from your boys and/or you and/or K.
I am in a constant AWE state here ...
MsCellania said…
Ours have been blowing up stuff since they were tiny. I was hoping they might outgrow this by college, but I see that is not a realistic expectation.
We'll keep the health insurance at eye-watering expense, I guess...
I'm impressed that he got the contraption home - it's quite the gizmo.
alice c said…
Exploding glass - the perfect party trick - we definitely want one too.
ErinH said…
Isn't slow motion beyond fabulous? Loved this!
Anonymous said…
This world is endlessly interesting and your boys seems to know it all! (Pip soooo wants to do this now...)
Anonymous said…
Never were we exposed to anything the likes of this in our art classes.

Tissue paper wrapped around the non sharp end of a pencil, dipped in glue, and stuck to cardboard? Yes.

Actual blown glass which you are expected to explode?


I'm afraid not.


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