news for Friday

from Thursday night!

We are awaiting snow - not so much as to paralyze but enough to make our commute a mess.

We are expecting Australians! (Eleanor and her family are coming to dinner on Saturday!)
(I'm using exclamation marks!)

I have bruises from practicing with the Epi-Pen! (Apparently, one needn't stab so hard.)

In other news: MFAOA and Uncle won a fairly significant lottery prize! Imagine?
(I will tell you, it did wonderful things for MFAOA's emotional state. They are planning a trip with their winnings.)

Youngest has pneumonia! (Further proof that we really should try this new therapy his doctor has recommended. Pneumonia is not unusual for Youngest who went to school today and is doing okay, thank you - no need for comments!)

Did I mention that Eleanor is coming to dinner?!

It's time for my review, at work, and I am nervous even though I know I will do fine. I'm going to ask for a raise! (Which I totally deserve. See how well I'm negotiating?)

I had Wheat Thins for dinner.

I no longer have an affinity for SweeTarts.


Poppy B. said…
It gives me great pleasure to occupy this comment box in order to welcome the Commentboxes.

That One said…
Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that dinner. I can't wait to hear all about it.

RW said…
oh. how fun. dinner with eleanor and the commentboxes.

did you eat anything else with your wheat thins. were they the regular ones?

snow that messes with the commute is lame.
Julia said…
Eleanor! What a treat. It's so nice knowing she's on our half of the world right now. Please tell her hello from the commentboxes.
Anonymous said…
I was all happy for you having Eleanor et al for dinner, but then I reading of The Apocalypse. Lost affinity for SweeTarts? The end of days is nigh!

Remember to give Eleanor a hug for me!
Anonymous said…
No exclamation points for kicking your SweeTart habit? I mean, the other seem exclamatory, too, but so does getting over an addiction.
I asked for a raise. I was turned down. They said the "raise freeze" started 9/1/08. I was hired 9/10/08

I'm 100% sure you're going to get yours.

Eleanor. *sigh*
Anonymous said…
Oh, finally The Commentboxes will meet with you birds.
We want all the deets.
Am SUPER happy for YFAOA & U!!!
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to hear how dinner goes. And to hear about your review.

My sister just negotiated a $10K increase by threatening to leave her job. What the heck?!

Eleanor said…
We're looking forward to it too, thanks bb and thanks to all of your wonderful and welcoming readers.

Who knew that this little lurker would soon become a dinner-guest?

And no worries Paola, I promise to give you the full deets.
Anonymous said…
How marvelous for your Aunt & Uncle!
That makes me happy. I hope you all enjoy your dinner together. You DO deserve it. See how well you've convinced me?