a most enjoyable evening

I'll tell you this: when faced with inviting bloggers and their family to your home, when wondering if it's all right to involve your children and knock down the internet wall to let people from behind the screen be with you IRL, I suggest you jump in with both feet.
Time after time we have been rewarded with the generous and wonderful friendship of people from the blogosphere - and last night was a high point.

While K fried his superb chicken and the boys tended to the fire that was smoking up the downstairs, I hopped into the car and ran to the station where I threw myself at four tall, warm, wonderful Australians.

I had planned to show them some sites but it was getting dark - so, to ensure that they could never find their way to my home again, I drove them around, thereby confusing them geographically and pulled into the driveway.
From there? The evening unfolded like a beautiful book...we laughed until our faces hurt, we demanded Mr. Cb tell us moreandmoreandmore about his work, we delighted in the young Cbs and their interactions with the bird boys and we ate a lot.

What can I say about Eleanor?
I adore her.
You knew I would.
She has the finest kind of laugh and makes all around her happy too.
She's tall! And lovely! And funny!

tall too!

Meeting her was very special to me and we did that thing bloggers do when they meet. We sat and stared at each other until we got misty.

After food and catching up and stories of the city and suggestions for visits and just a wee bit of internet talk, the teens all bonded...


Middle and Miss over the Lomo.

Youngest and Master over the PS3.


It was the nicest evening - and as it was drawing to a close Eleanor asked if she could write on the big board...

<span class=

because, of course, she needed to leave a comment...

<span class=

and do a wv -

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and leave greetings from other bloggers I love...


and then pose, with Miss Cb to admire her work.

We bundled up to return to the station, we hugged and wept and waved.
I drove home with a huge smile on my face, thinking of my good fortune.

a perfect rose


eurolush said…
Two worlds collide. Awesome. Glad it was such a fun night for everyone.
Now I'm a little misty. Bloggy friends make this big world a little smaller.

I'm happy for both of you.
RW said…
gosh. my eyes welled too. unbelievably brilliant.
what a blessing.
alice c said…
How lovely.
Two very special people meeting for the first time.
This post makes my heart warm.
Anonymous said…
She is the picture of happiness! And Miss CB looks very cute.
I am so happy you met.
Jen said…
Nice! I've had Jen on the Edge in my house where she and her family all refused to eat my bagels. But I love her anyway.
Crazy Mom! said…
What fun! I'm quite jealous - it looks like you all had a really lovely, wonderful night.

I've never met a fellow family blogger, except for ones I knew pre-blog days.

Maybe we can meet someday too.
Anonymous said…
This is one of the coolest chapters of your story I've yet read. What a journey from stranger to friend--and I think it's no stranger to meet a blog pal than it was to meet pen pals back in the days of yore.
Poppy B. said…
Suse said…
Ooh I've been HANGING OUT to see this post! I knew you would all adore each other :)

I kept thinking of how when I picked up Eleanor from the station near my house she kept staring at me while I was driving and finally said "I can't believe I'm in Suse's car!" I bet she said that in your car too. As Eurolush said, worlds collide!!

I have a huge smile on my face after reading this.
Eleanor said…
I am still glowing and smiling, such a wonderful evening, such a magical time. And such delicious food!

Dear Bird family, you ROCK!!!
Mary said…
i am smiling and teary and so happy you both met..

tut-tut said…
all I know is, it's been more than wonderful to meet bloggers I've been connecting with. No one is more kind or generous than a blogger IRL (as you put it.
Badger said…
But you gave each other an extra hug from me, right? RIGHT?

So happy/jealous for/of both of you!

And my word verification is hosto. I mean COME ON.
ErinH said…
I'm a little misty myself. How lovely for all.
Anonymous said…
How clever of her to leave a comment box on your board. Too cute.

Has ErinH started a blog??!!

KPB said…
I read this yesterday and have been carrying it around in my heart ever since.

One day. One day.
Duyvken said…
She is lovely isn't she?! Sounds like a wonderful dinner, BB. Happy times!
Happydog said…
So heart-warming to hear of two families from across the world connecting. Friendliness...not fear...openness...not suspicion...